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Kitchen interior in purple color

The kitchen in purple color

Lilac creates a feeling of spring freshness and uplifting.

Unfortunately, this wonderful flower blooms very long, and in fact I would like to feel the freshness of every day.

This can help the kitchen interior is decorated in shades of lilac.

Many assume a purple colorlight purple hue, but it's not quite true - lilac bush has many shades - from pale pink to rich wine tones. Consider a traditional pale-purple color with a hint of pink. This color is suitable for romantic natures and sensitive people. On a lilac kitchen will be pleased to pass the time for a festive dinner, a romantic evening or a dinner party.

Set for the kitchen

Lilac kitchen set often usedplastic facades. This color is often added to the silver particles, or notes of gilding to the kitchen has become more elegant. But the purple color used in wooden facades.

Mauve walls

Courageous people use the color purple asgeneral food background. The shade is suitable for small spaces. Fashion trend - use several shades of a single color scheme. For example, paint the walls in a soft lilac color, select the same one more juicy wine purple hue.

Or had one wall with a picture of photo wallpaperslilac. It is suitable for light premises. This wall is required to combine with accessories. For example, select the appropriate curtains or a tablecloth for the table. And then one wall with lilac will look ridiculous and lonely.

A color scheme

Lilac color must be combined with warmshades, because he belongs to the cold range of colors. It blends well with beige, chocolate and dark brown tones. And with the warm green (the color of new grass or emeralds).

Accessories for kitchen lilac you can choose warm colors. Feel free to experiment - adding pistachio or turquoise shade to decorate the interior of your kitchen lilac.

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