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KITCHEN in color gray metallic

Kitchen in color gray metallic

Kitchen - a strategically important multi-functional seat in the house. It focused warmth, comfort, home, you can always talk heart to heart, and work quietly.

Therefore, the kitchen should be comfortable and convenient.

In addition to the quality of interior items, pay attention to their color.

Metallic Grey - elegance and comfort

Metallic Grey - surprisingly comfortable andtranquil color, ideal for the kitchen. Psychologists point out that it normalizes the nervous system, relieves stress, cools ardor. However, this is not a dull color: gray remarkable restraint dilutes a strong echo and shine "metal".

Grey metallic refers to cold shades. As nutritionists say, he, along with blue and green, is able to tame your appetite. This color - an excellent choice for the kitchen is also due to the fact that is a practical and non-staining.

Significant plus color gray metallic thatit can be used in the kitchens of any size. It will naturally draw a large and a small space. Somewhat glossy surface of the headset creates the visual effect of "reflection", so the room will appear larger.
Kitchen, made in gray Metallic isToday this trend. This color creates a feeling of space. Kitchen looks stylish, modern, even a few of the future. This is particularly appreciated by lovers of minimalism and high-tech. However, the right combination of metallic gray with other colors, and - materials of the game, will allow you to use a fashionable trend in almost any stylistic direction.

Grey Metallic: a combination of colors and materials

Colour gray metallic is very versatile, and easycombined with a variety of shades. The main rule is characteristic of this kitchen decoration: try to avoid the gloomy combinations. For example, some may look funereal combination of metallic gray with black or deep purple.

Adding to the gray Metallica dark shades, youand you can get very stylish kitchen. Stick to two rules: a black color and identical use very dosed and follow that of the surface was glossy.

Graphically kitchen happens when you combine graymetallic white. Also suitable good milky, light beige or cream. Light colors are used both for processing floor or the walls, and to diversify the appearance of furniture facades.
Classy color tandem turn graymetallic and bright colors. The leader in this area is orange. Try also fuchsia, metallic pink, burgundy, red or yellow. Bright combination will fill the kitchen with joy, sunshine and warmth. Through the headset even gray shades "pluck the eyes" will look organically and naturally.
Striking combination with gray metallic turnswhen combined with lilac and purple. This combination of kitchen design today has already become a classic. Two colors perfectly complement and support each other, to cause disgust or desire to escape from the room. Lilac-gray kitchen will be perfect for hot-tempered and emotionally unstable people.
Pay special attention to the combination ofmaterials. Grey metallic create a feeling of metal, cold dishes. If you want to support the "Space" area, choose products made of plastic and glass. If you wish to make the room more comfortable, prefer natural materials: stone, wood, fabric.

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