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KITCHEN in blue

The kitchen in blue

Blue color at all associated with the azure sea. This color is immersed in the tranquility, casting an atmosphere of romantic memories.

Kitchen - a favorite place in the house, so why not draw in this tranquil color?

Surrounded by gentle blue compelling you to relax, soak a cup of tea in deep meditation.

People used to use warm colors withkitchen design, so not many people can find a blue kitchen. Cold shades scare, many fear that get into trouble and comfortable atmosphere in the kitchen. But it is possible to issue a cozy kitchen in blue color with the right approach.

The interior of the blue shades are usefulproperty - they expand the space. So if you have a small kitchenette, it would be appropriate to issue in blue tones. A small shaded space will immediately look brighter and more spacious, if we combine the white color with blue. This color scheme you feel unfriendly and cold? Then use the accent details - hang curtains beige pale yellow or peach color!

When choosing furniture for the kitchen blue desirable choice to stop at the light shades to soften the cool blue color. Pick up for a blue kitchen apron, beige or gray.

Do not rush to buy a kitchen set bluecolor, if you decide to make the interior of that color. You can make the kitchen walls blue, or use different shades of blue for the headset and the kitchen walls. Blue kitchen tiles is also very interesting detail. Add any bright colors to create the room a feeling of cleanliness and freshness!

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