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Kindergarten and child behavior

Nursery and child behavior

The most common age of onset of kindergarten is a three-year period. At this age the child begins to self-identify, he wants greater autonomy and freedom of choice.

Hiking in the garden is also a duty.

Child nobody asks him if he wants it. in the garden mode is also not conducive to the child's freedom of choice.

All these violations of their own freedom, whichthis age is so important, the child can meet with hostility, showing aggression, resenting caprice. Yet parents are able to reduce the likelihood and severity of symptoms of such a reaction.

To do this, follow a few rules.



No need to hurry and rush the child. For him, it is stress, and stress provokes a negative reaction. Do not think that the child is slow on purpose to annoy parents. If parents do not have time to pack, so should start the alarm for an earlier time.


The parents have to get up earlier the child. Having their morning affairs in peace and quiet, you can wake the child. So parents will be able to help him with something or just make the company. Joint morning exercises cheer up not only the child, but also parents.


We need to talk with your child more. Be sure to ask about the kindergarten after the news, discuss how his day. And even if some events for parents seem insignificant, it should be remembered that if a child speaks about it - then it's important to him. It is not necessary to dismiss, should rather ask about his point of view.


In his free time, parents and kindergartenWe need to spend more time with the child. He should not feel that after the visit to the kindergarten parents began to pay less attention to it. There should be certain rituals, traditional occupations of the child with the parents.

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