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Kindergarten and diseases</a>

Many parents are faced with the fact that afterBeginning of the child's going to the kindergarten, the number of illnesses increases sharply. Parents (usually mothers) have to go to the sick leave, to sit with the child at home.

But after recovery in just a few days the child can again fall ill and everything starts anew.

At mum because of it or this there can be problems at job, she starts to be nervous.

In medicine there is a special term - oftenSick children. But parents also have to give such children to the kindergarten. Someone just happens to be forced to go to work, since the family does not have enough money to pay the wages of one parent. Someone worries about including a child in society. In any case, the child goes to the kindergarten and the cycle of illness begins.
It does not bring pleasure to anyone, and it just needs to be fought.
The fight against disease should not only be throughMedicines and medicines. The state of human health is greatly influenced by his psychological state. At children this interrelation is expressed much more strongly, than at adults. Therefore, one of the components of the fight against diseases is the creation of a favorable psychological climate for the child.
First, you should make a stay in the children'sGarden is most comfortable for the child. You can accompany the daily morning farewell by some kind of ritual that creates a good mood for the child. For someone, it will just be a kiss on the cheek and hug. Someone needs something else. Here, parents should watch their child and include imagination.
Secondly, one should never violate anyPromises related to the kindergarten. If the parent has promised to take the child earlier today, then the promise must be fulfilled at all costs. Otherwise, the child will be subconsciously afraid that next time mom or dad may not come, although they promised.
Thirdly, you should avoid scolding your child whenRise and morning gathering in a kindergarten. This creates a negative attitude toward the process itself. And to avoid this, the child will resist awakening. Even if the parents are in a hurry, and the child is slowly going, it is worth keeping an angry tone and trying to rush it in a playful form.
Well, perhaps most importantly, never and neverWhat conditions a kindergarten can not threaten a child. Words like: "If you behave this way, then we'll leave you in the kindergarten" - a direct road to fear before going to the kindergarten.
Therefore, the first step towards health andThe pleasure of the child from going to kindergarten is the good mood of the parents themselves. You should remember this even when angry words simply fly off your lips.

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