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Kindergarten and disease

Kindergarten and disease

Many parents are confronted with the fact that afterthe beginning of a child going to the kindergarten had sharply increased the number of diseases. Parents (usually mothers) have to go to the hospital to sit with the child at home.

But after recovering within a few days the baby may get sick again and it all starts again.

My mother because of this problem may appear to work, she gets nervous.

In medicine, there is a special term - oftenill children. But parents of these children have to give in the garden. Someone is simply forced to go to work, because the salary of one parent families do not feed. Someone worried about the child's inclusion in society. In any case, the child goes to kindergarten, and begins the cycle of disease.
It does not bring anyone pleasure, and this simply must be addressed.
Fighting disease should not only throughdrugs and medicines. The state of human health is very influenced by his psychological state. In children, this relationship is expressed much stronger than in adults. Therefore, one of the components of disease control - to create a favorable psychological environment for the child.
Firstly, it is necessary to make the children's stay ingarden as comfortable as possible for the child. You can follow the daily morning farewell to some ritual that creates a good mood child. For some, it will be just a kiss on the cheek and a hug. Someone needs something else. Here, parents should observe their child and to include fantasy.
Secondly, you should never break somepromises related to the kindergarten. If a parent has promised to take the child away earlier today, that promise to comply, come what may. Otherwise, the child will subconsciously afraid that the next time mom or dad can not come, although promised.
Third, to avoid blame if a childthe rise and the morning assembly in kindergarten. This creates a negative attitude on the process itself. And to avoid this, the child will resist awakening. Even if the parents are in a hurry, and the child is going slowly, it is worth to keep an angry tone and try to rush it in a playful way.
And, perhaps most importantly, never underwhat conditions a garden can not threaten the child. Words like: "If you're so himself, then we'll leave in the garden" - a direct route to fear walking to kindergarten.
Because the first step on the road to health andobtaining child the pleasure of going to the kindergarten is a good mood of the parents. It is necessary to remember that, even when angry words just do fly from his lips.

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