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KIKIE clutches kinds exist

Kikie clutches kinds exist

Clutch - fashionable bag without handles.

The name was an accessory for a click during closing.

But today the clutches do not only with the clicky framework lock - on sale you can find models of various shapes and sizes, designed for day and evening.

Clutches: what they are

Among the bags without handles, you can find a variety of models. Clutches can be classified by the materials from which they are made, size, decoration methods. But the easiest way to split them in shape.
The most popular option - clutch envelope. Such bags usually have a rigid foundation and sizes from medium to very small, resembling a purse. Clutch envelope flat, often equipped with a convenient magnetic clasp. Such an embodiment may be made of fabric or artificial leather with suede or other materials. The most elegant model decorated with embossed lettering, appliqués, embroidery.

Flat clutches on a rigid base are not designed to carry a lot of things, otherwise they lose their shape.

Very trendy option - soft clutch bags with zipper. Such models are sewn from fabric, fur or leather is very soft. Clutch can be voluminous and quite roomy.
Dresses in vintage style complement clutches-handbagswith a frame lock. Such models can be tiny or bulky. Regardless of the size clutches with snap lock is very roomy. Some models are equipped with snap-on handle in the form of a strap or chain that transforms into a clutch bag that is worn across the shoulder.
The original choice for the evening - clutch box. This bag on a rigid base may be square, oval or round shape and is in the form of various figures. Clutches boxes made of thick leather, plastic, straw and other unusual materials. Some models are decorated with rhinestones.

Interesting patterns can be found in antique and souvenir shops, as well as make their own hands - to sew, tie or weave.

Clutches transformers do not go out of fashion toosome years. These flat rectangular frameless product may take the form of clutch envelope or decomposed in a small bag with cut handles. Sometimes transformers are supplied with a strap to be worn over the shoulder.

How to choose a clutch

Before buying a particular model, decide whatyou will wear it. With casual clothes go well with clutch-envelopes, transformers, as well as soft products volume. Day more comfortable roomy bag, but they must not be too bulky and heavy. Everyday clothes can complement bright colors or unusual model clutch, decorated with prints or appliqués. It is not necessary to pick up a clutch in tone shoes - the original bag may be the most memorable part of your outfit.
For special occasions choose fantasymini-clutches. On sale you can find the model that will replace the jewelry with success - they have the original form, richly decorated and will be the subject of close attention. Unusual clutches boxes suitable for evening dress in classic style, and elegant mini-envelopes, which can be made out of lace or satin, decorate wedding bands.

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