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Keptingovye banks - car loans from the producers

In recent years, among the citizens, who are planning to buy a car on credit, there is a tendency to go for the purchase of a specialized financial institution.

The main task of the specialized agency is to serve precisely the same direction.

In this case we are talking about keptingovyh banks.

The main activities of credit institutionsIt aims to provide car loans. Even in the face of fierce competition from the large and stable banks, today the priority is given to the side keptingovyh banks. Title to such institutions significantly simplifies the entire process of obtaining a car loan. This is a very favorable interest rates and loyal credit conditions, due to which keptingovye organization primarily represent the interests of car manufacturers.

Causes keptingovyh financial institutions

Keptingovye organization - a new direction incredit and financial policy, which is gaining momentum. Currently, there are established pattern the loan "client-salon-lender." For many customers are obvious disadvantages of the system. Less of this scheme is that lenders sets the maximum rates on loans and require give the car purchased as collateral.

Today the market of financial services can be foundbanks with the same name of the car: Toyota Bank, Mitsubishi-credit, Citroen-Bank, and many others. These banks exist only with the support of manufacturers. In consequence of this keptingovye banks offer lower rates on loans, and simplified lending conditions. In most cases, each brand there is an individual loan program.

Benefits keptingovyh institutions

The most important advantage is the closepartnership with the bank by the manufacturer. Thanks to this close collaboration client receives an excellent opportunity to receive a loan on favorable terms.

Competition keptingovym companies can onlyprovide banks, running for the state program of preferential lending. These programs advertise many large banks, without disclosing at the same time that this program can be purchased unloved vehicle.

Keptingovye companies actively monitorthe proposals of other banks, and each time I change the program in a better way. With this customers can buy the car in the best conditions. Currently, the rate on the loan in many keptingovyh companies does not exceed 8% per annum.

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