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Kefir hair mask with cocoa

Kefir hair mask with cocoa

Do you want your hair to grow quickly, with strong and sturdy steel? Then use home hair mask with yogurt and cocoa.

The result comes quickly and reliably.

In addition to accelerating the growth of hair, this homemade mask nourishes and satiates useful substances.

You will need

  • -1 Art. yogurt
  • -1 Egg yolk
  • Article -2. l. cocoa powder
  • -1 Art. l. honey



Warm at room temperature, all of the ingredients.


Whisk the egg yolk to whitening, pour yogurt to it, continuing to whisk. Add the whipped product cocoa powder.


Melt the honey in a water bath, add it to your home mask for strengthening and growth of hair.


Apply massaging the mask on the hair roots, and then the rest of the mass spread over the entire length of hair.


Hair up in a bundle, put them on warming cap, wrap head with a towel. Keep the hair mask, made in the home, up to 1-2 hours.


Hair mask of yogurt is washed off with warm water. After the hair wash the egg yolk or a mild shampoo.

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