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How to keep your site

How to keep your site

Sites, intellectual property - is the property of the XXI century. Popular resources with proper care can bring their owners a solid income from advertising and direct sales.

In addition, the owner of the site to be quite prestigious.

Like any property, sites require a specific job.

Hosting and Domain

Once a month, you need to renew the hosting (serviceproviding space on the server), and once a year - the domain name. If you miss the point of hosting the timely payment, you run the risk of the positions of your site in the search results.
For resources receiving the basic income from theplacing contextual advertising or selling links, worsening position of issue - a serious failure. If you forget to renew your domain name, you do run the risk of losing your site. Therefore, with hosting and domain name joke not worth it. Fortunately, the cost of these services is usually small, and the company's service providers, in most cases, notified of the date of payment in advance.

Regular filling with content

No less important is the continuous processthe addition of high-quality articles and images on the site. Each content webmaster solves the problem in different ways. Someone wrote an article yourself and puts on the court audience personal photos.

High-quality photos you can for little money to purchase microstock. One of the most famous: Shutterstock.com

If you do not have much time or requirelarge volumes of articles, it is easier to apply to the exchange of freelancers. On Advego.ru or Etxt.ru you can find suitable artists for a small fee. So, it turns out that contain the site and develop Infobusiness profitably and efficiently.

You can increase the number of their content, using articles stores. This method is faster and easier than working with freelancers.


It is important that your content has been together with the search engines. As a result of such "friendship" you will get inflow from search engines - and additional profits.
All work on the optimization can be divided into twogroups: internal and external. In the internal optimization includes drawing up of a semantic nucleus (list the most important keywords for your niche), perelinkovka (link to internal pages of your site in the resource sections of your own).
Under the external work is meant buyinglinks to other sites close to your subject. They can be rented (Sape.ru) or buy "forever» (GoGetLinks.net). Promote your site the easiest way, using two parallel strategies. Note: when buying links is important for them to have as much as possible a more natural look: different anchor text (text hyperlink that will move third-party sites visitors) - the link itself should be bought not only leading to the home, but also on internal resource pages. How much should be external links? It all depends on the competition. The greater the struggle, the greater the need to invest in promotion.

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