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How to keep the smell

How to keep the smell

The sense of smell - is the great enginehuman attraction, which is why for many the sense of smell is superior to other elements of the perception of reality. Knowing this, you should seriously approach the choice of flavor.

Even the most luxurious and expensive fragrance disappears earlier than we would have liked.



Apply moisturizing lotion to the skin before using perfume. Additional fragrances reinforce the main smellAnd dry skin smelland evaporate much faster.


Apply perfume to the pulsating areas of the body, ie, at those areas where blood vessels are close to the skin surface, namely for earlobes, whiskey, elbow, back of knees, ankles, neck at the base. Aroma apply before putting on clothes. This is especially true of fatty spirits that can leave indelible stains.


Rub a little olive or sunfloweroil in places that apply perfume. This technique will retain the flavor as long as possible. No wonder the dry spirits are most resistant, because they contain wax and fat.


Keep a bottle of scent tightly closed in a cool, dark room. Sun, heat, high humidity is a killer flavor.

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