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How to store the pumpkin

Pumpkin - a storehouse of vitamins.

No wonder the pumpkin called "the queen of the garden, because it contains protein and nitrogenous substances, starch, carotene, phosphorus, salt, copper, iron, vitamins C, D, B1 and B2.

There are many varieties, shapes and colors of pumpkin, and not all kinds of vegetables are eaten.

Pumpkin is well used in cooking in almost all countries of the world. From it prepare tasty useful porridge, cook soups, squeeze out the juice and add to dessert.

However useful, not only the pumpkin, but the seeds contained inside.

They are eaten as a anthelmintic and anti-emetic.



There are varieties of winter squash and summer. They may be stored either in a cool place for several weeks, even months, but can not be stored in the refrigerator. The ideal place to store pumpkins - is, of course, a cellar. But if you do not have a cellar, pumpkin It can be stored on a glazed loggia.


It is important to remember that winter varieties of squash is bestprotect from direct sunlight. Therefore, place the pumpkin fruit on the shelves peduncles up, and most importantly, that they do not touch sides with each other.


from above pumpkin should be covered with a cloth or straw. If the loggia temperature falls below 2 degrees, then pumpkin We need to cover more warmly.


There are varieties of pumpkin, which can be stored without damage at room temperature in the home.


cut pumpkin It can be stored in the refrigerator for 3-4 days. If you want to extend the storage of pumpkins, it is necessary to peel and seeds and put into the refrigerator.


The optimum temperature for the storage of fruits the pumpkin - 8-10 degrees. Relative humidity - 70-80%.

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