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How to keep optimism in a difficult life situation


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Positive can be difficult to save in difficult life circumstances. When circumstances are not the best way, you need to find the strength in yourself to remain an optimist.

There are several simple ways to do this.

Work on yourself and do not give up.

Arrange accents

Try to concentrate not on negativeMoments, but on the positive sides. In whatever difficult situation you are, for sure there are at least some pleasant moments during the day, which you should think about before going to bed.

When you focus only on the bad, you stop seeing occasions for joy. It is worth shifting your attention to more optimistic moments and keeping the positive will become easier.

Remember what you have in life. Health, home, family, work, friends, pets or hobbies - all this is your wealth. Do not forget to thank life for what it has given you these blessings.

Create a mood

You can influence your own mood withUsing books or movies. During the difficult periods of your life, refuse to view news and heavy films. Give preference to comedies. Read inspirational or relaxing literature, for example, detectives, humorous stories or fantasy. Depressive novels and criminal reports will only increase your stress.
Small pleasures will make your life more pleasant andGive an additional reason for a smile. Physical comfort, delicious food, pleasant pastime, relaxing massage, walks will help you maintain an optimistic mood.

Choose an environment

Carefully watch what people areNext to you most of the day. Your environment affects your life in general and your mood in particular. When you talk a lot with optimistic, cheerful people, you get a positive charge. Conversely, when spending time with negatively-minded individuals, you yourself can start complaining, criticizing, whining and seeing everything in gloomy shades.


Do everything you can to solveDifficult situation. Do not let go of your hands, but work hard to get out of the predicament. Try, and you will have reason to be proud of yourself, and therefore, be in a good mood. When a person does not realize his own potential and surrenders, he already feels miserable because of this.

In addition, thanks to your efforts, the difficult situation can soon change for the better. Then there will be no cause for concern.

Get rid of the negative

Keep track of your words and thoughts. Do not allow manifestations of negativity in them. Especially it concerns self-criticism. Remember that you need to love yourself, not blame. Think about your achievements and strengths. Praise and encourage yourself. Then it will be easier for you to overcome all the difficult moments on the path of life.

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