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To coat it lasts for a long time - it is important to properly store

Shuba - something almost archetypal. The most secret fantasies of both sexes appear coats.

Only men dream about women in a fur coat, andwomen - about fur coats, fur coats, sheepskin jackets, coats, fur capes, fur vests and other luxuries at all. But to be the happy owner of a fur coat - a little, you also need to stay as long as it can be.

To do this, fur should be stored properly.



Prepare fur coat for storage. Carefully inspect it for damage, stubborn dirt. If necessary, take the product to a dry cleaner. Shook her coat, and then well dry and ventilate the outdoors. In no case do not leave it in direct sunlight. Be sure to clean all dirt, woolly fur comb with a very fine comb. Pay special attention to places where fur wears most intensively - collar and sleeves. Put into the pockets of coats bags with a means of moth. Thoroughly fasten all the buttons, hooks, buckles and Velcro, available on the fur products.


Define a fur coat on a hanger and hang it in the closet. Make sure that the fur crinkled in storage and had the opportunity to "breathe." Using special covers for storage of outer clothing from fur, pay attention to the fact that their fabric is permeable to air. The ideal option would be a bag made of natural fabrics (linen, cotton).


It is undesirable to store coats folded. If, however, in order to hang winter clothes in the closet, no place - keep it in special covers, neatly folded so that in it there was no wrinkles and folds.

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