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How to keep a fur coat in summer

To wear a fur coat for a long time - it is important to store it properly</a>

Fur coat - a thing almost archetypal. In the most intimate fantasies of people of both sexes appear coats.

Only men dream of women in a fur coat, andWomen - about fur coats, fur coats, sheepskin coats, manti, fur coats, waistcoats and other fur luxury in general. But to be happy owner of a fur coat - it is not enough, it is necessary also to remain it as long as possible.

To do this, the fur should be stored properly.



Prepare Coat To storage. Carefully inspect it for signs of damage, severe contamination. If necessary, take the product to a dry clean. Shake the fur coat, then dry well and ventilate in the fresh air. Do not leave it in direct sunlight. Be sure to clean all the dirt, comb the felted fur with a very frequent comb. Pay special attention to places where fur is most severely abraded - the collar, the sleeves. Put pouches in the pockets of the fur coat with the remedy for moths. Carefully fasten all the buttons, hooks, fasteners and Velcro on the fur.


Identify the fur coat on the hangers and hang it in the closet. Make sure that the fur does not crumple during storage and has the ability to "breathe". Using special cases for storing outer clothing made of fur, pay attention to the fact that their fabric is permeable to air. Ideal option will be a bag of natural cloth (linen, cotton).


It is undesirable to store coats in a folded form. If, in order to hang winter clothes in the closet, there is no place - store it in special cases, neatly folded so that it does not have any creases and folds.

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