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How to keep the cauliflower in the winter

How to keep the cauliflower in the winter

Cauliflower unlike cabbage fresh stored not for long and quickly loses its firmness and taste.

For winter storage, you can use several options for processing.

Storage fresh

The fresh when creating certain conditionsStorage cauliflower can be stored for about two months. To this end, the collection it is necessary to pull directly from the root and prikopat in a cellar in moist sand. Such a plant would continue to grow for some time, but the blossoms begin to stretch and lose density. As a variant can offer wrapping heads cut cling film and stored at a temperature of from 0 to 5 ° C.
A very good way to preserve cauliflower -freezing. The heads are divided into individual florets and soaked for a few hours in salted water. This will help get rid of the debris and small insects that may be inside the inflorescences. After this, the cabbage should be thoroughly washed, dried and put portions of plastic bags for freezing. Freezing is performed at the lowest possible temperature in the freezer. The packets are passed to the department in the normal mode, or immediately are placed in the freezer compartment of the refrigerator.
To freeze the inflorescence can be preproblanshirovat in boiling water. This somewhat reduces the volume and weight of the cooking time will decrease in the future. Blanched inflorescence recline in a colander to drain the water and laid out on the containers for further freezing.

Salting and pickling

Cauliflower can be as ordinary salt and booze. For salting need:
- Cauliflower 3 kg-
- Carrots 500 gr.-
- Water 1 n-
- G 50 Gr
- 5 peas of black pepper, currant leaves and grapes, fennel, basil, celery.
From salt and pepper cooked the brine. The bottom of the prepared jars lined with leaves of grapes and currants. Cabbage disassembled into florets and put into jars mixed with carrots cut into slices. Above falls fragrant herbs and filled with the brine. Banks are stored in a cool place.
For fermentation using virtually the same setProduct as in the above recipe. The only difference is that brine is added to the pair of vinegar and a spoon of sugar. Carrots and shred cabbage mixed with buds and leaves of currant entire mass is placed in a container with a wide mouth. On top is covered with greenery, filled with brine and put the yoke. After 2-3 weeks, sprouts ready for consumption.

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