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How to keep bulbs of primrose before spring


How to keep bulbs of primrose before spring</a>

Among the winter you decided to buy bulbs of tulip flowers, daffodils, irises and other primroses.

To plant still very early. If they just lie down, they can die.

Do not know what to do with them and how to keep it until spring.

There is a simple and effective way.

You will need

  • It will require a wooden box, sand or expanded clay, garden soil.



Find the wooden box and pour sand or claydite into it. The thickness of the layer must be at least 3 cm.


Pour a layer of garden soil on top again. The total thickness is 15 cm.


We stick the bulbs in rows in rows.


We pour the bulbs with sand. It is desirable that the sand was a river.


We pour with warm water. We keep the box in the house for about two weeks.


When the bulbs gave roots, not shoots, take them to the garden.


Dig a snowdrift to see the earth. Put the box there. We cover the flowers with a packet and cover the box with a thick layer of snow.

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