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How to keep birch sap at home

How to keep birch sap at home

Birch sap - a seasonal product and the minimum retention period.

Fresh birch juice is stored just a couple of days, and dialed his usually quite a decent amount.

That is why it is necessary to process.

Birch sap has many usefulproperties and beneficial effect on the organism. In addition, he is a very good thirst quencher. Unfortunately, due to the small storage period is necessary to resort to various methods of processing and preservation to keep it longer.


The easiest and most reliable way to savebirch sap - to roll it to the banks. There are many ways, depending on the flavors and capacities. During Soviet times, the most popular way of birch sap industrial preservation was preserving it in a 3-liter jars with sugar and citric acid. Juice obtained tart, sweet and sour and rather saturated taste. To date, more complicated preservation different additives. The birch sap began to add herbs, fresh citrus fruits and so on.
At home, the universal recipeIt involves the use of only natural ingredients without artificial allocated oxidants. For canning 3 liters of birch sap will need 2 tablespoons of sugar and a quartered lemon or any citrus with the peel.
Bank sterilized and sugar added to it, andcitrus. Birch sap is brought to a boil, pour in the prepared jar and rolled sterilized lid. Zagatala juice flipped the lid and wrapped up in the heat for further sterilization.

Alternative methods of conservation

Very tasty and long shelf Kvass from birchjuice. In any available container filled with birch sap (10 l.) And pours a handful of raisins. For a better fermentation and giving a special taste of leavened bread can add some rye crackers. Crackers malt can be replaced. To improve the taste again, add lemon zest. Variations fermentation are quite diverse. Some prefer to use yeast for faster results. In any case, the fermentation process lasts at least a week, and drink kvass can start almost immediately. Ready kvass is stored in a cool place for several months.
Some housewives have freezersmastered the freezing of birch sap. The only place it takes a lot, and this method of storage is not appropriate. Much more preferably boiling applied to increase concentration and subsequent dilution with water for use. To this juice are evaporated at a temperature of 60 ° C to reduce the volume by 75%, and poured into jars.

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