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How to store birch sap at home


How to store birch sap at home</a>

Birch juice is a seasonal product with a minimum shelf life.

Fresh birch sap is kept only a couple of days, and its usually very decent amount is typed.

Therefore, it needs to be processed.

Birch juice has many usefulProperties and has a beneficial effect on the body. In addition, he very well quenches his thirst. Unfortunately, due to the short shelf life, it is necessary to resort to various methods of processing and preservation in order to keep it longer.


The simplest and most reliable way to preserveBirch juice - roll it into jars. There are many ways, depending on the tastes and possibilities. In Soviet times, the most popular way of industrial preservation of birch sap was to preserve it in 3-liter cans of sugar and citric acid. The juice was tart, sweet-sour and quite saturated to taste. To date, conservation has become somewhat more complicated with various additives. In the birch juice began to add medicinal herbs, fresh citrus fruits and stuff.
At home, a universal recipeImplies the use of exclusively natural ingredients without artificially isolated oxidants. For preserving 3 liters of birch juice you need 2 tablespoons of sugar and a quarter of lemon or any citrus along with zest.
The Bank sterilizes and adds sugar andcitrus. Birch juice is brought to a boil, poured into a prepared jar and rolled up with a sterilized lid. The rolled juice is turned on the lid and wrapped in heat for additional sterilization.

Alternative methods of preservation

Very tasty and long stored kvass from birchJuice. In any available capacity, birch sap is poured (10 liters) and a handful of raisins are poured. For better fermentation and giving a special flavor of kvass, you can add a few rye breadcrumbs. Biscuit can be replaced with malt. To improve the taste, again add lemon peel. Variations of fermentation are quite diverse. Some people prefer using yeast for a quicker result. In any case, the fermentation process continues for at least a week and you can start drinking kvass almost immediately. Ready kvass is stored in a cool place for several months.
Some housewives having freezersHave mastered the freezing of birch sap. Here are just the places it takes a lot and this way of storage is inexpedient. It is much more preferable to apply boiling to increase the concentration and subsequent dilution with water for consumption. To do this, birch juice is evaporated at a temperature of 60 ° C to a volume reduction of 75% and poured into cans.

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