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How to store bank documents

bank records store

Bank documents are stored by type in separate folders, and more often in chronological order. Selection is engaged employee is responsible for the formation of the documentation.

Destruction of documents with expired shelf life by a special commission.

Storage bank documents is carried out as the banks themselves, as well as accounts of the organization-holders. The order of storage in the same institution can be different from the order of storage in the other.

As the documents are stored in the bank organizations

; Documents from the bank that are in the organization,confirm conduct monetary transactions and are recorded in the accounting records. Place of storage is an accounting, which the workers can share all of the paper by type in separate folders in the context of accounts and banks. If the company has several bank accounts, then, for each plant separate folder if the currency - that on the cover and spine of an invoice currency. To account statements for each account used in chronological order. Each statement has a binder consisting of the payment documents and justifications for payment for each working day.
; For paid accounts start up a separate folder. currency control documents are stored in a separate folder, where you can find all the information on working with foreign currency accounts. We are talking about passports of transactions, inquiries, confirmation of executed works or services, certificate of foreign currency transactions and others. If small amounts of documentation, will be enough registries and the identity document number, amount and date.

As the documents are stored in commercial banks

; These institutions store documents,supporting the operations of the Bank and the customer payment and settlement documents. Responsibility for them lies with the director and chief accountant. Storage of documents subject to both paper and electronic form. Paper are in a special storage, access to which is necessary to obtain a special permit. In the resolution must be signed by the chief accountant or his deputy.
, Memorial Filing Documentson a daily basis, this is got a separate folder in which documents are stored in the same chronological order. Selection has been a staff member who is responsible for the correct formation of financial documentation. Other folders consist of cash and securities of financial securities, reflecting the information on deposits of clients. In separate folders filed documents containing information on transactions with precious metals.
; The need to place certain types ofdocuments in different folders due to the fact that every paper its shelf life. This also applies to the storage of documents in electronic form. For the destruction of documents with expired shelf life is going to a special commission, whose members are browsing each paper, and then filled with a special act, which confirms that the destruction of documents have been with expired shelf life.

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