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How to keep tangles of thread?

How to keep tangles of thread?

"How to keep the tangles of thread?" - A question that disturbs not only the novice needle women, but also professional masters.

So, take into service thread retention policies, as well as a list of suitable places for them-storage.

Terms of storage of coils of threads

In order to not lose the thread of their qualities, elasticity and strength, they should be stored at temperatures from +10 to +25 degrees. Room humidity must be not more than 60%.

it is recommended to use special containers with holes for ventilation for storage of coils.

In addition, the coil storage place should be outside the sunlight, otherwise the thread may lose its original color.

Principles of sorting balls of thread

To simplify your work, sort the thread:
- On tsvetu-
- By weight and kolichestvu-
- On sostavu-
- Project.
By distributing the balls in color, yousave your time searching for the correct skeins. Sorting by weight and the amount of yarn is very useful when you start to work, you need to quickly find a thread in the right quantity.
You can also distribute the balls on the quality andyarn composition. For example, threads made of synthetic fibers can be placed in one box, and mohair yarn of wool or - in another. Do not forget to each box to make the explanatory inscription.
If you prefer to knit a few thingsat the same time, distribute the balls of thread project. To do this in a separate container add Knits scheme, the required amount of yarn and handy material.

Top 10 places for the storage of coils of threads

Once you choose for yourself the mostconvenient form of sorting balls of thread, safely proceed to the choice of places to store them. There are many different original stores that are able to surprise her by surprise, and simplicity. In the list of Top-10 contains the most popular of them.

Also, balls of thread can be kept in tight plastic bags, in which there are small vents.

1. A transparent container. It is convenient in that it is visible through the entire range of threads.
2. Shelves. This option is ideal for professional masters.
3. A box from under the shoe. Distributed threads in boxes, be sure to take the side of the inscription as a hint.
4. Hanging textile regiment. You can buy a shelf in a specialty store or make your own.
5. A wicker basket. Not only does it serve as a container for storage of coils of thread, but also is a great element of decor for your room.
6. Boxes of paper handkerchiefs.
7. Glass jars.
8. Special containers for knitting.
9. Empty boxes from a CD-ROM drive. Doing hole in the lid of a thread, you can knit multiple threads, not afraid to get lost in them.
10. Given the fact that hand-made now in vogue, you can make a shelf in the form of a "battery" of cans of coffee and rolls of toilet paper. To do this, decorate to your taste of the container, then one of its sides, cover two-sided tape and stick to the wall. The same action again and with other banks (rolls).

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