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How to keep a dog

How to keep a dog

Deciding to get a dog, you should clearlyimagine the responsibilities that lie on your shoulders, for the education and maintenance of four-legged friend. Dog - not a toy, for her needs constant care and attention for its health care must be taken.

If you do not have time for this, it is better not to torment himself or confine the animal and aquarium fish.

In that case, if you are determined, use some tips.



Buying dogTo find out all about that breed, representativewhere the dog is. Better yet, choose a breed by its character and the conditions under which you will be able to contain it. Consider her natural inclinations and those that are the result of breeding of the breed.

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For each dog it is important to have your own place,where it can take refuge and relax, but that he had the opportunity to observe the life of the rest of the household. If the place you have chosen for her, for some reason not satisfied dog, Give her the right to choose hisOrganize yourself and it is then, in accordance with their requirements. For small dogs better to buy a basket or a special house where she could hide. Do not place dog in the kitchen, in the bedroom or children's room.

how not to lose the dog


To stay in the apartment was not foranimal torture, regularly leads him to walk 2-3 times a day. At least one walk a day should last at least an hour, so that the dog could happily tired with running and return to his home and his family, to doze blissfully.

how to find a lost dog


The dog should have its own place and utensils for eating. Generally it is placed for convenience in the kitchen. Keep in a bowl the dog always has fresh water, feed it, and put them on the clock from her until the next feeding uneaten food.

How to start the first dog


Nurture your dog and teach all the necessary commands. It is the language with which you will be able to explain to his dog that was required of him. In addition, knowledge of the commands will save a dog's life in an urban environment with heavy traffic.

Plant whether a dog


Your love for animals is not reflected in the fact thatyou feed him all that eat themselves, and sleep with him in the same bed. Remember that proper education and special dog food is much more important for the animal. And love her at the same time can be as much.

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