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KASKO 50/50

50/50 Insurance CASCO - insurance conditions

CASCO 50/50 - the first installment is paid, the second only when the insured event. This program - it is a regular contract with a good discount.

However, the discount offer is not easy, so it is necessary to agree with many of the terms that apply under this program.

Many large insurance companies offerits customers to take advantage of the voluntary program, insurance "CASCO 50/50." What is interesting for the insurance product, what its advantages and disadvantages compared to conventional hull insurance?
In fact it is a normal contract of insurance with the use of the franchise, which many motorists are afraid of a fire.
Disadvantages programs
All deficiencies are rooted in the treatyinsurance. Of course, the usual full CASCO - it would be just perfect for this, but not so simple. These contract provides for a completely individual insurance conditions.
Consider the conditions of the program:
•; operates in most insurance companiesrestriction on drivers who will be allowed to manage. Drivers must be at least 25 years, with experience of at least 5 years. Drivers who do not fall under these conditions, to issue the hull at a reduced program impossible.
•; The insurance indemnity is paid only when the total loss of the vehicle or theft.
•; There is a limit on the storage location at night.
•; Payments are made net of depreciation.
It turns out that in practice this programIt has numerous limitations that significantly reduce the cost of the insurance contract. So before you make a contract you need to carefully read the rules, and all applications to the policy and then make a decision.

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