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How to join the SRO

How to join the SRO

On the whole territory of our country since January 2010, there was one innovation that has affected the entire construction industry? from designers to builders themselves.

Under the new law, previously issued by the statelicense is no longer valid. Now, to perform construction work, you need to obtain permission of the new sample and start building self-regulatory organization (SRO).

In other words ? you will need a special document that your construction company can get only in the self-regulatory organization.



Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO)? a non-profit organization. Such organizations are created in order to better and more effectively to solve industry-wide issues and to respond to the changes taking place within the industry faster. Speaking of the official language - to regulate the professional activities within a particular industry. For example ? construction. If you are an individual entrepreneur or legal entity, you have the full right to join in the SRO. To streamline the SRO in the RF Federal Law o self-regulatory organizations number 315-FZ.


So you want to join in the SRO. In this case, you need to prepare the package of documents. Firstly, you need to write an application for membership in the SRO. It is required to list all the activities for which your company requires permission. Secondly, you need a duplicate certificate, stating in a state register entry was made on the state registration, as well as copies of constituent documents for legal entities. Thirdly, we need a certificate confirming compliance with your company as a member of the SRO candidate of all the requirements that are necessary for the issuance of the permit.


Once you have filed the documents in the CPOwithin thirty days of their review and make a decision? take your organization to its members or not. In the case of a positive decision, self-regulatory organization shall issue the applicant a certificate of membership in the SRO. And within fourteen days after the receipt of the certificate of membership in the SRO organization gives out the corresponding certificate and prepares all the required permissions.

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