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How to join the Society of Hunters

How to join the Society of Hunters

Of all the passions of men hunting, it seems to be the most interesting occupation.

In Russia there are a few million hunters who combined in a variety of community.

How to become a full member of the society of hunters?



In the old days there was a departmental principle of organization hunters. There were separate society, unitingInterior Ministry officials, soldiers and civilians. Today, these are no formal differences, and any adult citizen has the right to become a member of any society, there is a branch nearby.


society hunters They differ primarily by the presence of theseown hunting grounds. Not every society there are such grounds. This criterion affects the amount of the annual membership fee, which has to pay to a member of society. Keep in mind that there are many companies that offer tours for hunters around the world, so that the problem of choosing the place for hunting lost its relevance today.


Joining the hunting society is possible forcitizens under the age of 18 years. In some places this age lowered to sixteen years of age, but the right to purchase and carry weapons citizen gets only upon reaching adulthood.


Find out what the primary organization hunters located closest to you. Such groups usually exist in every large enterprise or firm.


Apply the primary organization of the corresponding application for admission. The entrance fee is usually around one thousand rubles, but may be more significant.


Be prepared for the fact that you will have to takeHunting minimum. Encyclopedic knowledge about hunting from you, no one will require, in the preparation may need to publicly available literature about the weapons for hunting, hunting types and rules of behavior on the hunt.


Do not be surprised if you have to take the exam on shooting accuracy. In most cases, however, this item may be omitted by mutual agreement between you and the chairman of the primary organization.


Stock up as a copy of the passport and photos. Number of photos and their size should be specified in the direction of society. And now, after the approval of your application for admission and completion of all necessary formalities, you become a full member of society hunters with all the attendant rights and responsibilities.

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