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Japanese style in interior

Japanese style in interior

The title of one of the most minimalist interior style, you can safely award the Japanese, it is its simplicity attracts many.

The Japanese style was formed in the conditions of the veneration of nature, he does not argue with her, and emphasizes perhaps this is why it is so easy to be.



The space of the room is left free as much as possible, the windows do more, so that was a continuation of an interior landscape. The space of the room is not divided by walls, are used only light screens.


Colors in the Japanese interior light, natural: white, beige, brown and black, light green. Walls do not invoice, a coloring dye. In modern interiors and paste over the wall sometimes painted.


Paul made a wooden and carpet the tatami. Windows halts very light blinds or curtains. All materials used for Japanese-style should be natural. Samimi common materials considered bamboo, rice paper and wood. Fabrics also selected natural, mostly cotton and silk.


The furniture in the Japanese style minimalist, sogood fit modern subjects. It is executed in varnished wood. Traditionally, all the furniture is very low, often used instead of cabinets niche. In these niches you can arrange the Japanese accessories. As you can change Japanese pottery utensils, china, bonsai. It is appropriate to the bamboo, branches, cherry, Japanese dolls and fans. On the wall you can hang the panels with hieroglyphics.


For illumination use paper lanterns, usually white, and Japanese lamps.

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