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Japanese style in the interior</a>

The title of one of the most minimalistic interior styles can be safely awarded to the Japanese, it is his simplicity that attracts many.

The Japanese style has developed in conditions of veneration of nature, he does not argue with it, but emphasizes, perhaps, that is why it is so easy to be in it.



The space of the room is left as free as possible, the windows are made large, so that the landscape is a continuation of the interior. The space of the room is not divided by walls, only light screens are used.


The colors in the Japanese interior are bright, natural: White and beige, brown and black, light green. The walls are made without texture, simply by painting with paint. In modern interiors, walls are sometimes pasted and painted.


The floor is made of wood and carpeted with tatami. Windows are hung with very light blinds or curtains. All materials used for the Japanese style must be natural. The most common materials are bamboo, rice paper, wood. Fabrics are also chosen natural, mostly silk and cotton.


Furniture in the Japanese style is minimalistic, soModern objects fit well. It is made of lacquered wood. Traditionally, all furniture is very low, instead of cabinets often use niches. In such niches you can arrange Japanese accessories. As them, you can choose clay Japanese dishes, porcelain, bonsai. Relevant will be bamboo, sakura, Japanese dolls and fans. On the walls you can hang a panel with hieroglyphics.


For lighting use paper lanterns, more often white, and also Japanese fixtures.

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