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The Italian interior</a>

The interior in Italian style absorbed the sunny tones, but it does not have any sharp splashes, typical for the temperament of the local residents.

Classic Italian interiors are characterized by restraint and tranquility, so it's easy to make them out.

Italian interior: decoration

For this type of interior is typical use of Venetian plaster - its texture and the effect of man-made make the room individual, it combines simplicity with luxury.

In addition to Venetian plaster, for wall finishingUse mosaic and wall painting. The "antique" tiles with burnt and uneven edges fit very well into the design of Italian-style rooms.

You can decorate the walls with natural stone, but in a limited number - a fragment of the wall, a fireplace, an archway or columns.

The ceiling in the Italian interior can beLight and monophonic, and you can give preference to a stretch ceiling with a printed pattern. Organically fit into the interior of massive and dark wooden beams.

Paul is desirable to perform in a single for the whole houseOr apartment style. For this marble mosaic or matt tile is perfect. If the choice has fallen on a wooden covering, it is necessary to remember that the floor should not attract attention - in the Italian interior the dominating position is occupied by walls.

Colors in the Italian interior

Italian style suggests warm colors - yellow, orange, beige or pale pink. For walls, let's say a perfectly white color. Simulate the sun spray can be terracotta or golden ocher.

Decor and accessories of Italian style interior

In the living room will be appropriate picture in the frame, cushions, small figurines, making the room cozy, Murano glass.

The kitchen will perfectly look wicker vases for fruit, decorative bottles for olive oil or vinegar, clay flower pots.

The more living plants, the better! In general, the room should give the impression that you accidentally ended up in a village villa, flooded with sunlight and decorated though simple, but with a claim to luxury.

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