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What does the mantis look like


What does the mantis look like</a>

The red-listed insect of the mantis leaves very few indifferent. Impressive and its size, and habits, and appearance.

Due to the large jaw and predatory temper, the mantis became the hero of many fairy tales, and even just fables.



Mantis refers to cockroach-like insects. Large specimens reach 80 millimeters in height (mantises perfectly stand on hind limbs), and females considerably exceed males in physical parameters. The paws of the praying mantis are different, the rear powerful with a good pushing reflex, and the front ones are small, they serve for grasping.


Under a dense back skirt, thin wings: The mantis not only runs fast and jumps far, but also flies. The head of the insect is large and elongated, black-green spherical eyes are clearly visible, as well as powerful cone-shaped jaws. The aggressive mantis opens its mouth wide and longs its whiskers.


The color of these insects is varied, of course,The green color prevails, but there are brown and yellow and yellow, there is an assumption that, depending on the season and age, the insect changes its color. This is not about chameleonism, but about some kind of aging or adaptation of the skin. In addition, it is known that mantises hunt from ambush, nature has awarded them all for disguise: from a distance the legs look like twigs, and the abdomen on a leaf.


Bogomolov is often called religious, this isThe expression appeared due to a specific pose in which the insect freezes in anticipation of the victim: the mantis prayerfully folds the front paws on the chest. The victim sucks the mantis with his front paws and presses against his thigh, immobilizing him. In this case, often voracious females attack victims who exceed them in size, a case is known when the mantis attacked the sparrow and won, the bird gave up and flied away.

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