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What a lie looks like


What a lie looks like</a>

In people, almost at the molecular level, there is a tendency to speak untruth. In some, it is weakly expressed, others can be considered pathological liars.

Nevertheless, not everybody wants to see themselves deceived.

Only a few are able to determine when they are being lied, because this task is not easy.



First of all, pay attention to facial expressions and gestures. Rare liars are able to withstand reflexes.


The liar avoids contact with the eyes. If you want to embarrass him, try to catch his eye.


If you managed to look into his eyes, you will see that his icons are narrowed.


Vrun moves in a hurry, his gestures are awkward. He wants to distract himself from the "righteous" lie, because he often touches his face or pulls his clothes.


From the lie may appear dry in the mouth, so that the deceiver will start licking his lips. With a particularly insolent lie will appear and cough.


With an especially big lie, the interlocutor loses powerOver the voice. Elevated tones indicate the tension experienced by the speaker. Softness in the voice may be an attempt to lull the vigilance of the victim. Fast speech and hints that the liar wants to give his invention as soon as possible, until it is forgotten. Muttering or sharp attacks in the voice is a sign that a person is afraid of being uncovered.


The discrepancy between gestures and words also gives out a liar. For example, he nods when he answers negatively.


Inarticulate liars are often indecisive in their words. They also do not want to answer questions or are long drawn with advice, and then it turns out to be confusing to them.


The liar is too focused on details, being afraid of the improbability of his invention or creating an awkward pause.


Vrun willingly change the subject of the conversation, if you give him this opportunity.

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