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It looks like a lie

What is a lie

In humans, nearly at the molecular level inherent desire to speak the truth. In some it is weakly expressed, the other can be considered a pathological liar.

However, the deceived want to see yourself not everyone.

Only a few are able to determine when they are lying, because this is no easy task.



First of all, pay attention to facial expressions and gestures. Rare liars are able to withstand the reflexes.


Liar avoids eye contact. If you want to confuse him, try to catch his eye.


If you were able to look him in the eye, you will see that it narrowed icons.


Liar moves stiffly, his gestures awkward. He just wanted to distract myself from the "righteous" lie, because he often touches his face or picking at clothing.


From the lies may appear dry mouth, so that the cheater starts to lick your lips. In a particularly blatant lie and will cough.


In a particularly big lie interlocutor loses powervoice over. Increased tone say about the tension experienced by the speaker. The softness of her voice may be an attempt to lull the victim. Quick question and suggests that the liar wants to quickly give his fiction, yet it has not forgotten. Mumble or sharp attacks in his voice - a sign that a person is afraid to be opened.


The discrepancy between the words and gestures also provides liar. For example, he nods as answers in the negative.


Inept liars often indecisive in his words. They also do not want to answer questions or long haul with the board, and then it turns out they have confused.


Liar too focused on the details, fearing the implausibility of his imagination or creating an awkward pause.


Liar willing to change the subject, if you give him this opportunity.

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