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WHEN is the World Day of Peace

When is the World Day of Peace

World Day of Peace, celebrated on 21 September.

At this time, the UN is trying to attract people's attention to military conflicts and to how badly they affect human life.

One of the main tasks of this day is a complete cessation of hostilities, at least for one day, a day of peace.

Establishment Day of Peace

World Day of Peace, also known asInternational Day of Peace, celebrated on September 21st. The holiday was introduced in the 36 session of the UN General Assembly. Initially, it was decided to celebrate the Day of Peace on the third Tuesday of September, but at the 55th session of the Assembly, it was decided that the Day of Peace will be celebrated on September 21 always, no matter what day of the week has to this date.
World Day symbolizes the aspiration of allhumanity to ensure that live in harmony and without military conflict. The General Assembly insists on the fact that September 21 is necessary to refuse from any violent action. If some of the armed conflicts taking place at this time, the fire should be discontinued. No military operations in the International Day of Peace unacceptable.

There is an organization, which deals only with the implementation of the annual rejection of the idea of ​​military action on 21 September is Peace One Day.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon urged allpeople of the planet Earth to make a commitment to bring up their children in the world, in keeping with the spirit of tolerance and mutual respect. He noted that much more profitable investment than military spending and arms build-up will be the insertion of money in the development of medical and educational institutions. "To fight for peace and the need to defend it by all means", - as Ban Ki-moon concluded his message.

As the day of peace

On this day every year are all kindsmeasures aimed at ensuring that all countries have stopped the violence and armed clashes. The UN September 21 The day begins with a special ceremony. The Secretary-General and the ceremony participants gather at the Peace Bell, then there comes a moment of silence, after which the UN chief appealed to all those present.
International Day of Peace is celebrated everycountry. According to him the main idea of ​​a holiday is to be devoted to strengthening the ideals of friendship of the peoples of the world and non-violence as a cornerstone in the understanding of international politics. Moreover, we have in mind not only the world of honey by individual states, but also between the peoples of the world within a single state.

The International Day of Peace in all countriesconducted information campaigns, during which people talk, how destructive war and enmity, for both individual nations and the global economy.

Peace for the people - it is a normal state,the only possible conditions for survival. In the context of an armed conflict to live it becomes as difficult as if the oxygen concentration in the air suddenly halved. Due to the peace and security of the adults let children to school, and some families do not take refuge in the fortress-houses, protected from the neighbors.
However, there are many countries, populationwhich for many years dreaming about the world. Instability, military conflicts, terror and fear - these are the conditions in which children are growing up in the States, the leading military operations. It was to eradicate this situation was introduced a day of peace.

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