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When is a kiss Day

When is a kiss Day

Along with the traditional New Year, Easter, 8th March in life gradually include new festivals, which are moments of joy and pleasure.

One of them is the kiss day, thanks to which you can say once again near and dear people of their sincere feelings.

One of the most enjoyable and unusualHolidays is the Day of kisses. It is not known at what point mankind began to kiss. There is a beautiful legend which says that touching lips, people exchange their souls, check to see if the spirit of one person is suitable to another, which is why the kiss ends with a wedding ceremony.
The idea to transform a kiss on holidayIt appeared the inhabitants of Albion in the late 19th century. Soon the idea was picked up worldwide. She has spread and taken root, that the UN has decided to make a holiday of the international status. Every day it is celebrated on 6 July. Russia joined his celebration recently, it is celebrated only a few years.

holiday traditions

Holiday is surrounded by an aura of romance. Such atmosphere is charging positive and very a kiss. Kiss Day in each country acquires its own traditions, but the generally accepted measure is considered to be a competition for the longest kiss, and the popularity has a tradition of mass kiss when souls merge thousands of couples gathered in the central square. On that day, a person can kiss legally, which is the soul and warm kiss those who are lonely.
This holiday prompted scientists to doresearch kiss field. Thus was born a new scientific direction - filematologiya. The emotional surge that occurs in the body causes the production of anti-stress hormones and stops the development of seizures vascular dystonia.
On this day prevails in cities around the worldrelaxed atmosphere of joy and fun. Residents come up with various contests, prizes are provided for the most beautiful or unusual kiss. This festival is pleased to note not only the young, but mature and elderly people, who believe that such good initiatives adorn life and make people kinder to each other.

How to congratulate

On the Internet you can find a variety of ways to congratulate a loved one or dear to the heart of man with this amazing holiday. The selection can be found:
- Voice cards dedicated to the remarkable sobytiyu-
- Flash-movies on potseluya-
- Romantic photos-
- Video cards, depicting the kiss that can be sent to a mobile phone.
International Kissing Day - a holiday, which is recognized internationally and is celebrated all over the world. It decided to kiss, to give happiness and to express their love native people.

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