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It is easier to go by bike

It is easier to go by bike

"It is easier to go by bike? Or back to the river" - a rhetorical question often asked in the forums.

question itself concise and responses to it can be any number, from the banal to the very original.



Responder, which lacks a clean sweepsense of humor and imagination, says: "It's over, to the river." And from a logical point of view is absolutely right. After the river going downhill, and back - up the hill. A downhill ride is always easier.


A more meticulous, but continuedguided solely by the logic of the charge will add: it all depends on additional conditions. The road to the river may consist of sections with different inclines. Go for one of them easier for others - more difficult. It was only on the last of the sites have to go downhill. The road back will be different only by the fact that these regions have to overcome in the reverse order. The wind can also blow in different directions. If it is strong enough, and when driving towards the river will have to go against the wind, and back - to the wind, then go back and it may be easier, despite the need to move uphill.


Much depends on the purpose for which you were traveling toriver. If you swim, ride a boat, then you go back tired. And if sunbathing or fishing - rested. Although, if you caught a lot of fish, take it may be difficult. And maybe you were going to the river with a backpack full of sandwiches and back - light. It is not known, and what did you do before you go on a bicycle. If chopped wood, and then rested on the river, then go back it will be easier than in the river.


Answering this question, often forget thatYou can ride a bicycle and a passenger sitting on the trunk. In this case, as the drive to the river, and back will be equally easy. Another important factor is the existence of incentives for the trip. Perhaps the river you will find a favorite, perhaps she is waiting for your arrival with nalovlennoy fish home. Finally, the issue was not a word about whether a cyclist will go to the river and back by the same route or a river, and back - another.


So what factors may be many combinations thereof -even more, all in varying degrees, determines the answer to this seemingly simple question. Information theorists say in such cases, the issue is not fully formulated, and to answer it needed additional information.

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