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WHERE easiest to emigrate

It is easier just to emigrate

People are not always happy with their own homeland.

Some whole life hiding this dissatisfaction, grumbling in the kitchen, someone holds in his native country as little time, preferring resorts, and anyone seriously think about changing nationality.



Immigration, ie admission into another country fortemporary or permanent residence in its territory, - is quite popular in the contemporary world phenomenon. It is not possible to clearly answer the question, where it is easier to leave Russia, because different people have different capabilities, knowledge and experience. In any case, it is necessary to stock up as much as possible the amount of money, learn the language of the intended country of residence, to learn useful profession.


The most popular countries for relocationconsidered as Canada, Australia, New Zealand. The fact that the immigration policies of these countries aimed at increasing the number of its citizens. Therefore, the program is working to facilitate the relocation specialists. Of course, there are certain requirements concerning qualifications, professional experience, English proficiency, a bank account. Preference is always given to younger comers.


To get to the United States the easiest,winning the lottery. Each year, Congress plays fifty thousand so-called green card entitling to a five-year residence in the country, followed by citizenship. True will have to pass certain exams, which will need to prove their knowledge of the English language, history and US political apparatus. In addition to the lottery green card, you can get if you are a popular professional in the country.


The greatest difficulty is moving to the WestEurope, however, there are loopholes and here. For example, it is possible to live in Spain for three years on a student visa that gives the right to receive a residence permit valid for 3 years. After 6 years of legal residence, you can apply for a permanent residence permit which is valid indefinitely. On the other hand, the Eastern European countries is much less demanding on the migrants, which makes it possible for many people to get a residence permit, for example, in the Czech Republic, simply opening a business there.


Finally, Latin American countries are known forquite soft immigration policy. For example, to get the citizenship of Ecuador, it is necessary to legally live there only three years, but it can be done by investing a small amount in the local economy or real estate. A citizen of Paraguay in general can be in six months stay.

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