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How does prayer help?


How does prayer help?</a>

When difficult times come, many people seek protection and help in faith and prayer.

Of course, from the point of view of science the power of prayer has not been proven, but many believers have no doubt about its impact.



From the point of view of biorhythmology and the theory of soundFluctuations in the reading of prayer, the sound vibrations formed by the words of prayer coincide with the fluctuations in the biorhythms of the human body. Reading a prayer helps to equalize biorhythms. Thus, prayer can really heal, calm, adjust to positive thoughts. In addition, for the believing person, the very fact of communicating with God through prayer tends to a special, spiritualized mood.


Prayers are different. In classical prayers, a person asks for the sending down of "common" blessings, and in special prayers he asks for one thing. The meaning of specific prayers consists not only in creating therapeutic biorhythms, but also in a certain kind of auto-suggestion, creating your own program that directs the subconscious mind to achieve a certain goal. As a result of this prayer, the behavior of the believer accordingly changes, an attitude is created to achieve a concrete result.


Many prayers, according to religious canons,Require the observance of certain rituals, strictly prescribed manipulations. These actions are designed to strengthen the faith of a religious person in that, with the obligatory observance of all the prescribed actions, the achievement of the result will be accelerated. In other words, the prescribed manipulations increase the effect of the installation put by prayer into the human subconscious.


From a psychological point of view, prayer helpsTo cope with the feeling of loneliness, allows you not to forget about the presence of God in the life of a believer. Thanksgiving prayer helps to see from the outside everything only good, to develop an optimistic outlook on life, to overcome depression. Talking to God about your problems forces the believer to first understand them, to reconcile with their existence. Indeed, the denial of existing problems, as a way to deal with them, only distances a person from their solution.


During prayer, the believer is revealed beforeGod, his personality appears before him in the form as it is. Without any attempts to pretend, without trying to look better than there is in reality, throwing tricks and opening yourself. In this state, the praying person can remain himself, try to understand his inner psychological problems, discover the prospects for personal and spiritual growth.


For Orthodox Christians, prayer is an analogMeditation, a state of concentration on anything. St. John of the Ladder recommends: choose a prayer, stand in front of God, realize where you are and what you are doing, and start attentively reading the words of prayer. As soon as thoughts begin to wander, start praying with those words that were read last. It does not matter how many times one has to read a prayer: three times, ten, twenty or fifty. Achieve such concentration in words, to say the prayer soberly, seriously and reverently. That is, so that in prayer to put all your consciousness, all your soul and all your mindfulness.

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