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How to help a prayer

When times are tough, many people seek protection and assistance in the faith and prayers.

Of course, from the point of view of science the power of prayer is no proven, but many believers have no doubt in its impact.



From the point of view of the theory of sound and biorhythmologyfluctuations in reading prayers sound waves generated by the words of prayer to coincide with fluctuations in biological rhythms of the human body. Reading prayer helps to align the jet lag. Thus, prayer can truly heal, soothe, set up on positive thoughts. In addition, for the believer the fact of communion with God through prayer sets up a special, soulful mood.


Prayers are different. In the classical prayer asks people to send down "general" graces, asks for one thing special prayers. The meaning of specific prayer is not only in the creation of therapeutic biological rhythms, but also a certain kind of self-hypnosis, you create your own program, directing the subconscious to achieve a certain goal. As a result of the behavior of the believer's prayer appropriately changing a disposition to achieve a particular result.


Many prayers, according to the religious laws,require compliance with certain rituals strictly defined procedures. These actions are designed to strengthen the religious person's belief that, in strict observation of all prescribed actions to accelerate the achievement of results. In other words, the prescribed manipulation reinforce the installation action to invest in the human subconscious prayer.


From a psychological point of view, prayer helpscope with loneliness, lets not forget about the presence of God in the believer's life. Thanksgiving Prayer helps us to see all of the surrounding only the good, develop an optimistic outlook on life, defeat depression. Talk to God about your problems compels the believer to first understand them, to come to terms with their existence. After all, the denial of existing problems, as a way to deal with them, only alienates people from their solutions.


During prayer, the believer is revealed beforeGod, his personality stands before them in the form as it is. Without any attempt to pretend, no effort to look better than it actually is, throwing tricks and reveal himself. In this state, the worshiper can stay yourself, try to understand their inner psychological problems, to discover the perspectives of personal and spiritual growth.


Prayers for Orthodox Christians - is an analoguemeditation state focus on something one. St. John of the Ladder recommends: Select the prayer, stand before God, recognize where you are and what you are doing and start to read the words of the prayer carefully. Once the thoughts begin to wander, start praying with the words that the last read carefully. No matter how many times have read the prayer three times, ten, twenty or fifty. Achieve such a concentration on the words to pray sober, serious and reverent. That is, so that in prayer to put all his mind, his heart and soul and all care.

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