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Passes without consequences if hydrocephalus

Hydrocephalus is a disease that occurs when an excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain.

The liquid ceases to circulate properly due to clogging, improper location of the skull bones, causing brain dropsy.

Hydrocephalus brain can be eithercongenital or acquired. According to statistics, every 500 newborn is born with this disease. It can also occur in older children and adults, as a consequence endured by the mother during pregnancy diseases, birth defects, prematurity, central nervous system infections, strokes, falls, tumors.

Diagnosis and treatment of hydrocephalus

Early, timely diagnosis gives morethe chances of a cure and the subsequent absence of complications. Symptoms of the disease is easy to detect at the early stages of pregnancy during an ultrasound. The risk of the disease in infants have a problem with the pregnancy, infectious diseases of the mother.

Hydrocephalus can occur in middle-aged children at risk, in such cases it is very important time to begin treatment.

Fluid accumulation in the brain is very oftenaccompanied by irreversible age-related changes. If it is not diagnosed, not treated in time, it can lead to serious consequences and even death.

The effects of hydrocephalus

If the disease has not been diagnosed andIt lacked the necessary treatment, then adults can quickly develop the following symptoms: unbearable headaches, muscle weakness, incontinence, ceasing eyeballs, uncoordinated gait, dementia. Thinking abilities atrophy, impaired perception of reality, there is double vision.
In children with the diagnosis "hydrocephalus" diseaseIt appears large size of the head compared to the body, difficulty breathing, bulging fontanel, reluctance to rotate his neck, a constant shrill cry.

Monitoring the risk groups of children and adults, the timely detection of symptoms, proper treatment will minimize the effects of the disease to a minimum.

In the early stages of the disease in mostcases using medical treatment. If the hydrocele has a tendency to rapid growth, then resort to surgical bypass and endoskopirovaniyu.
The most serious consequences, according toResearch, observed at the middle course of the disease. Even after the treatment can be observed impaired development of speech, tongue-tied and stammer. A quarter of people have had a disease characterized by a calm temperament in slow reaction, the same percentage of patients demonstrating aggressiveness and asocial, and only 5% - a complete idiot.

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