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Whether there is no consequence of hydrocephalus


Is there no consequence of hydrocephalus</a>

Hydrocephalus is a disease that occurs when there is an excessive accumulation of fluid in the brain.

The fluid ceases to circulate normally due to blockage, improper placement of the bones of the skull, causing a dropsy of the brain.

Hydrocephalus of the brain can be eitherCongenital, and acquired. According to statistics, every 500 newborn is born with this disease. It can also appear in older children and adults, as a consequence of the mother's diseases during pregnancy, birth injuries, prematurity, CNS infections, strokes, falls, tumors.

Diagnosis and treatment of hydrocephalus

Early, timely diagnosis gives moreChances of recovery and the subsequent absence of complications. Symptoms of the disease can be easily detected already at the initial stages of pregnancy during ultrasound. The risk of the disease in infants is with a problem pregnancy, infectious diseases of the mother.

Hydrocephalus may occur in middle-aged children at risk, in such cases it is very important to start treatment on time.

The accumulation of fluid in the brain is very commonAccompanied by irreversible age changes. If it is not diagnosed, not treated on time, it can lead to serious consequences and even to death.

Consequences of hydrocephalus

If the disease has not been diagnosed andThe necessary treatment was not available, then the following symptoms can quickly develop in adult patients: unbearable headaches, muscle weakness, urinary incontinence, sagging of eyeballs, uncoordinated gait, dementia. The thinking abilities atrophy, the perception of reality is violated, there is a double vision in the eyes.
In children diagnosed with hydrocephalus, the diseaseIs manifested by the large size of the head, in comparison with the body, shortness of breath, convex fontanelle, unwillingness to turn the neck, constant piercing weeping.

Monitoring the risk groups of children and adults, the timely detection of symptoms, adequate treatment will reduce the impact of the disease to a minimum.

At an early stage of the disease, mostOf cases, the medication method is used. If the dropsy tends to grow rapidly, then surgical shunting and endoscopy are resorted.
The most severe consequences, according toStudies are observed in the middle course of the disease. Even after the treatment, there may be a violation of speech development, tongue-tie and stammering. A quarter of people with a disease have a calm temper with a slow reaction, the same percentage of patients demonstrates aggressiveness and asociality and only 5% - complete idiocy.

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