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How to apply for a loan from individuals? Faces


How to apply for a loan from individuals? Faces</a>

There are situations when an individual gives money to organizations.

It is necessary to make the registration of this operation correctly in order to exclude the occurrence of disputable situations and to observe the law.



Issue a loan agreement in writing, in duplicate, since without a document confirm the transaction will be difficult.


Indicate in the contract the complete data of both parties,The amount of the loan, the term of the debt repayment, whether it is interest-free or interest will be charged on the amount of the debt. In the absence of a note on the type of loan, interest is accrued on it. If the period of return is not specified in the contract, observe the rules stipulated by law: the refund is made within 30 days from the date of the lender's demand.


Try to conduct such transactions in rubles, as the foreign currency debt complicates accounting operations with it.


Indicate in the contract the possibility of premature return of the debt.


Provide the signatures of two witnesses in the document,If a notary was not invited to certify a transaction. Issue a cash receipt for the amount of the loan in form No. KO-1. Enter in the cash book data on the transaction.


Put money in your bank accountOrganization. Take into account the received funds in the account №66 if the debt is returned within a year, and on account №67, if the loan is supposed to be paid later. Use the bank refinancing rate to calculate the interest amount.


Include the amount stipulated by the contractInterest in the composition of non-operating expenses. Do not charge taxes on the amount of the loan, because the funds received by the organization in this way are not taxed.


Include the amount of interest that will be paidFor a loan, for taxable expenses. Make out a cash order warrant payment of debt to the lender and interest accrued to ensure documentary evidence. Receive the receipt from the warrant along with the money.

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