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How to apply for a polyclinic


How to apply for a polyclinic</a>

To take shape, or attach, to a polyclinic forPlace of actual residence or residence will not be difficult, if you submit to the registry the necessary documents in accordance with the list specified in the current regulatory enactments.

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - the policy of compulsory medical insurance-
  • - medical card-
  • - pension insurance certificate-
  • - An attachment from the federal health department.



The need to be registered in a polyclinic arisesWhen moving or after the discharge of the mother and child from the maternity hospital. For registration you need to apply to the registry and produce the necessary documents.


If you are denied registration at the registry, contact the head doctor to get a written waiver with the grounds.


With the received document, contact the federalDepartment of Health, where you will be issued a binding card. Already with this coupon you can once again go to the medical institution at the place of actual residence and take the place of your choice of a polyclinic in which you can be served by visiting any specialists.


In accordance with the new Federal Law, all medical institutions are obliged to accept citizens who apply, who make a medical insurance policy of the prescribed type.


For registration you will need a medical card,So that the new doctor can get acquainted with the history of your illness and be aware of the results of the advancing treatment. So do not forget to get your medical card, leaving the city in which you lived and underwent treatment.


Of course, you can get a new medicalCard, but it does not reflect everything that, perhaps, your new treating doctor will be important to prescribe the most effective and modern treatment.

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