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How to make to the clinic

How to make to the clinic

Contents, or attached, to the clinic forplace of residence or domicile is not difficult, if you show the necessary documents in the registry in accordance with the list laid down in the regulations.

You will need

  • - passport-
  • - A policy of compulsory medical strahovaniya-
  • - Medical card-
  • - Pension Insurance svidetelstvo-
  • - Attachment card from the federal health department.



Necessary to issue the clinic therewhen moving or after leaving the mother and child from the hospital. For registration you will need to apply to the registry and to present the necessary documents.


If the registry you are denied registration, contact the chief physician to obtain a written waiver from the base.


Obtaining the documents refer to the federalhealth department, where you will be given a ticket Locking. Even with this coupon you will again be able to go to a medical facility at the place of actual residence and place of your choice in the clinic, which can be served by visiting any specialists.


In accordance with the new Federal law, all medical institutions are required to take the citizens who applied to impose a policy of compulsory medical insurance of the established sample.


For registration you will need a medical card,to a new doctor was able to learn the history of your illness and be aware of the results of advancing treatment. So do not forget to get your medical card, leaving the city in which you live and treated.


Of course, you can apply for a new medicalcard, but it is not all that will be reflected, that might be important to your new doctor to prescribe the most effective and modern treatment.

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