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How to apply for a land plot under an apartment building


How to apply for a land plot under an apartment building</a>

Sometimes there is a situation where people who haveIndividual housing in the property, the right to a plot of land under the house was not issued. Its registration gives you the legal right to occupy this territory.

In case of alienation of your area for state needs, you will be compensated for the land plot and building on it.



Confirm ownership of theIndividual house. This is required due to the fact that according to Art. 36 of the Land Code of Russia, the primary right to privatize a land plot or the acquisition of the right to lease it are legal entities and citizens - owners of buildings, structures, buildings. Such a document is either a contract of purchase or sale, or a certificate of the right to inheritance by law (by will), or a gift agreement or barter agreement, or a contract that "provides for an unrestricted use of a land plot for the construction of an individual residential building on the right of personal property ". In the latter case, when the actual area of ​​the plot does not exceed the one specified in the contract, you will receive a cadastral passport at the FGU "Land Cadastral Chamber" at the location of the site, providing a contract and a general passport. After that, register the ownership of the land in the Federal Registration Service of your area.


Form the above land plotUnder the house in the event that the contract for it is issued for the previous owner of the house, according to the Federal Law No. 268-FZ of November 13, 2007. To do this, you need a document that confirms your ownership of the house and the contract for the land plot of the previous owner.


Apply for a plot of land if it does not enterUnder the previous laws, as follows. Contact the documents of title to the house in the regional FGU "Land Cadastral Chamber" in your area and order an extract for surveying the land. Then conduct its geodetic survey and the formation of boundaries. To do this, contact the licensed land management organization.


Serve prepared by the land managementThe organization of a package of documents in the management of land use in the administration of the municipal district and write an application for the chapter on the preparation of the scheme of location of the site in the cadastral plan. With her again, contact the FGU "Land Cadastre Chamber" of your area, so that the state cadastral registration of the land plot was conducted. Get the cadastral passport for it.


Submit a second application for managementLand use administration of the municipal district in the name of the chapter on the provision of land for rent or property. Citizens who purchased the house before 01.07.1990, it is provided free of charge, the rest - for a fee. This happens through the issuance of a resolution by the head of the municipal district administration. After that, you should contact the property management committee of the municipal district administration to conclude a lease or purchase agreement. Then register it in the regional department of the Office of the Federal Registration Service. In the event that the land plot is given to the property free of charge, then you should contact the registration service for registration of title documents to it. The committee on property management does not need to be contacted.

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