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How to make general power of attorney

How to make general power of attorney

General Power of Attorney is the most common form of type of power of attorney.

They do it in cases where the principal is necessarytransfer the right to exercise legitimate authority in any sphere of activity or to the full management of the property on behalf of the legal entity or individual.



General power of attorney is issued only in writing and oral form it has no legal force.


General Power of Attorney shall not be considered valid, if it does not indicate the date of issuance.


If a power of attorney drawn up on behalf of thea legal entity, it will have to be certified by the signature and seal of the head. Mandatory notarization notary legal entities subject to only those powers of attorney that are issued on the basis of delegation. In other cases, the notarized power of attorney should be only those that were issued to individuals. But as practice shows better authenticate any general power of attorney.


Those powers, which you assign the trustee must necessarily paint a very detailed.


It is best to specify in the text of the power of attorney passport data trustee.


Be sure to indicate in a general power of attorney the right of substitution.


If your organization is suddenly replaced by the head, then you need to immediately replace the old power of attorney signed by the Director, on a power of attorney signed by the new.


attorney best time point, butthe maximum it can be done only three years in the future it will have to do again. If you do not specify a term, the general power of attorney will still be valid, but only for one year from the signing of the power of attorney.

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