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How to make a refund

How to make a refund

Each of enterprises engaged in financial activities, being the cash report, which reflects the amount of cash receipts and expenditure.

If buyers organization for any reason you need to return the money, the cashier prepares their return to the act of returning the monies to customers for unused cash vouchers.

This document is a standardized form.

You will need

  • form number KM 3, pen, calculator, enterprise printing, organizing documents, the form number CA-2, client documents mistakenly knocked checks, cash.



The form number KM-3 approved by theState Statistics Committee of Russia № 132 from 25.12.1998 of the year and be completed in the event that a check is made to return the same day. Cashier writes in her name of the company in accordance with the constituent documents, code organization All-Russian classifier of enterprises and organizations, taxpayer identification number, activity code of your company on the National Classification of enterprises.


In the form write the act of the structural unit in which you work, contact phone number.


The unified form, specify the model of a cash register, the type, brand, class, manufacturer's number, registration number.


Act on the return of cash to customers for unused cash vouchers assigned a number and the date.


Return to the buyer a sum of moneyIt is possible only with the permission of the authorized person. This may be a director of the company or the head of the structural unit. On the client a check should be a signature of one of the said persons.


This document constitutes the Commission, whichestablishes and indicates the number of cashier's checks, their numbers, monetary amounts for each of them, enter the position, surname, name, patronymic of the person permitted to return funds to customers.


Calculate the total of the refund by check the organization to customers, write it in words, for a given amount, reduce cash earnings for the day.


This act signed by all members of the commission, stating positions held, names and initials.


If a refund check is carried out on the wrong day,when he was knocked out, the buyer need to write a statement indicating their name, surname, patronymic, details of identity, with a request to return the money.


Statement by the client is the basis for the issuance ofhim money under the check of the main offices of the company, which the cashier writes customer-expendable cash warrant in the form KO-2, indicating his name, first name, details of the document of identity. Accountant in turn makes on the basis of these documents, the accounting entries.

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