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How to apply for a passport through public services


How to apply for a passport through public services</a>

Everyone who registered on the website gosuslugi.ru, gets the opportunity to design a passport without standing in huge queues and unnecessary waste of nerves.

This is the main advantage of designDocuments through the Internet, since the FMS branch will still have to go at least twice: the first - in order to hand over a package of documents and take a picture, and the second - in order to obtain a coveted passport.

First of all, before the start of registrationPassport through the state services, you need to go to the photo studio and take a picture. The photographer can be said that the photo is needed on a foreign passport. They know all the requirements and will do everything according to the rules. In this case, it is necessary to take from the photographer an electronic version of the snapshot, because It will be needed when completing the questionnaire on the site, and the paper version - when you submit documents to the FMS. The electronic photo must be in JPEG format, and its size should be no more than 300Kb. A photograph, which will be in the passport itself, is made on a special camera in the FMS.

So, when everything is ready, you can proceedFilling in the form on the site gosuglug.ru. The first step is the consent to the processing of personal data. After this, it is necessary to select a department of the FMS from the list, in accordance with the place of residence where the passport will be received. Then it is necessary to fill in personal data: name, date and place of birth, place of registration, etc. When you move the cursor to a field, prompts appear, showing examples of filling, they can greatly help in the preparation of documents.

The next step is to fill inPassport data: series, number, by whom and when the document was issued, etc. Also at this step, the purpose of getting a passport is filled in and answers are given to some questions about the identity of the citizen, the specifics of his work.

The next stage is one of the most difficult. It causes most of the errors. It is necessary to provide data on labor activity for the last 10 years. Terms are specified with an accuracy of up to a month. If the beginning of this period is at the time of study, for example at the institute, then the first line should indicate the month and year of the beginning of education at this institution and the date of graduation. Then data on official places of work, records of which are available in the workbook, are indicated. If the break in work lasted more than a month, it should also be indicated. If you have on your hands an old passport, you should put the appropriate mark.

Next comes the turn of the electronic photo. It must be downloaded, after which it will be attached to the questionnaire. Then you need to click the Submit Application button. After that, the e-mail of the sender, within 1-2 days, should be notified of the change in the status of the application. First it will be put in the general queue, then transferred to the FMS portal. After that, the application will either be accepted, or, if errors were found in it, will return. Existing inaccuracies will be indicated. At the same time, you will have to fill out the questionnaire from the very beginning, therefore, it is best to save your records, when filling out, on a computer.

If the application is accepted, then the mail will comeAn invitation to appear in the FMS with a set of documents: an application, a passport with a photocopy, 3 photographs, a receipt for payment of state duty, information on work activities and an extract from the work book. Application for issuing a passport with information about work activities can be downloaded from the FMS website. Data in it should be made identical to what was written into the electronic form. At the same time, the application should be completed in capital letters. Further it must be assured at the place of work

After all the documents are collected, you can goTo the FMS department to take documents and be photographed. This procedure should not take more than 10 minutes, in the presence of a separate office for the reception of citizens who have submitted documents through the state services portal.
After 1-2 months, the mail should receive a notification of the availability of the passport. In order to get it you need to take with you a regular passport, which will be marked with a certificate of extradition.

As you can see, in how to issue a passportThrough public services, a lot of its nuances and this method is not much simpler than usual. However, it avoids long standing in queues and saves time.

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