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How to make a passport through the state body

How to make a passport through the state body

Every person who registers on the site gosuslugi.ru, gets the opportunity to design the passport without standing in long lines and wasting of nerves.

This is the main advantage of clearancedocuments via the Internet, as in the FMS department still have to go at least twice: the first - in order to deliver the documents and take pictures, and the second - to get a coveted passport.

First, before processingpassport through government services, it is necessary to go to a shop and take pictures. The photographer can say that the picture should be on the passport. They know all the requirements and do everything by the rules. At the same time, be sure to get the photographer an electronic version of the picture, because she will need when filling out the questionnaire online and paper version - at the time the documents in FMS. Electronic photos must be in JPEG format, its size must not exceed 300kb. The photo, which will be in the passport, make a special camera in the FMS.

So, when you're done, you can startcompleting the questionnaire on gosuslugi.ru site. The first step is to consent to the processing of personal data. After that, you need to select from a list of department of the Federal Migration Service, in accordance with the place of residence, where the passport is received. Then you need to fill in your personal data: name, date and place of birth, place of registration, etc. When you hover over any field, there are clues that show examples of filling, they can significantly help in the design documents.

The next step is to fillpassport data: series, number, when and by whom the document was issued, etc. Also at this step, it is filled with the purpose of receipt of the passport and give answers to some questions concerning the individual citizen, the specifics of his work.

The next stage - one of the toughest. It appears most of the errors. It is necessary to provide data on labor activity over the last 10 years. Dates are specified up to a month. If the beginning of this period falls on study time, for example at the institute, the first line must specify the month and year of the start of training in this institution and the end date. Then specify the data of the official places of work, the minutes of which are available in the workbook. If a break in the employment lasted more than a month, it is also necessary to point out. In the presence of the hands on the old passport should put a corresponding mark.

Next comes the turn of the electronic picture. It is necessary to download, after which it will be attached to the application form. Then you need to click on "Apply". After that, the e-mail sender, for 1-2 days should come notification of change of status application. First, it will be delivered in the common queue, and then transferred to FMS portal. After that, the application will either be accepted or, if it were discovered the error, returns. Existing discrepancies will be listed. This will have to fill in the questionnaire at the outset, so their records, when filling, it is best to save to your computer.

If the application is accepted, the post office willan invitation to come to the FMS with a set of documents: an application, passport photocopy, 3 pictures, receipt of payment of registration fee, information on employment and an excerpt from the work book. Application for a passport with information on employment can be downloaded from the website of the FMS. These should make it identical to those that were entered into an electronic form. At the same time fill out an application must be in capital letters. Next, it is necessary to assure the place of work

After all documents have been collected, you can keepthe Department of the Federal Migration Service to hand over documents and photographed. This procedure should not take more than 10 minutes, in the presence of a separate office for the reception of citizens who have submitted documents through the portal of public services.
After 1-2 months, the post should come notification of readiness of the passport. To get it you must take an ordinary passport, which will put a mark on the issue.

As you can see, how to issue a passportthrough state services, a lot of their nuances and this method is not much easier than usual. However, it avoids the lengthy queues and save time.

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