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How to make the apartment a contract of employment

How to make the apartment a contract of employment

According to the requirements of Art.

674 of the Civil Code, the contract of tenancy shall be in writing.

The information that must be contained in the contract, set by law, and specific variants of its design has developed the practice of civil relations, associated with the rental of premises.



Start execution of the contract with indication of its name: "The contract lease (rent) the dwelling." Rows below, specify the date of the signing of the contract and location (city, town).

The preamble (introductory part) provides information aboutParties: "Citizen - name, address, date of birth, hereinafter referred to as" landlord "and the citizen - the same data, hereinafter referred to as" employer "have concluded the present contract as follows ...". At the same time for the party - an individual enter passport information, and for legal - place of registration and the full name.


Next Apply for information on the subject matter of the contract. This will be the eponymous section of the agreement: "The Lessor transfers for temporary use for a fee premises located at ..., which is a flat."


The next section of the contract is usuallythe rights and obligations of the parties. In determining the rights and obligations of the tenant and the landlord, you can refer to the provisions of Art. 676, 678 of the Civil Code. Cite them or make reference to the law. This can in the contract specify additional, seemingly to you important rights and duties not specified in the Civil Code, but does not contradict the meaning of the law (for example, to give an opportunity to familiarize with the room condition and documents on it, keep in good condition apartment life-support systems, to compensate property damage, etc.).

Be sure to include in the agreement of all those who will be staying in lodging along with the employer (spouse, children, etc.).


An important part of the apartment lease is"Payments under the contract" section. Here you specify the size of the rent, the procedure of its payment (monthly, quarterly, what number are calculated, etc.), as well as provided in the contract possible financial responsibility of the employer for late payment, set the size of the fines.


Now you only have to set a datethe contract (it can not last more than 5 years), the procedure for the termination, extension and means to resolve disputes and disagreements (through negotiations or only through the courts).

The contract signed by both parties and is at least in duplicate. As a rule, an integral part of the contract of renting living accommodation is an act of Acceptance of delivery of the object.
Matters not stipulated in the contract, governed by Chapter. 35 of the Civil Code.

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