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Island-town Sviyazhsk

Island Sviyazhsk

In our time, in a weekend hunting often relax not only the body but also the soul.

I offer you one of those places.

Island-deg Sviyazhsk located at the confluence of Sviyagi the Volga River. On the island can be reached in two ways: either on a vehicle on the left bank of the dam Sviyaga or on a pleasure boat.

The island itself is a pedestrian. Walking around the island in a good sunny weather will bring you lots of positive emotions.

On the island there are 6 churches, museums, hotels and merchants home. Also on both sides of the island (the island has an oval shape) are two complex historical reconstructions.

From the river station is historicalReconstruction of the Middle Ages "Lazy Torzhok". Where you can shoot a bow or crossbow, try medieval food or try on a suit of armor. And if you're lucky, you can get to a medieval joust.

From the dam is "Stables." On its territory inns and stables. Also, there is a craft settlement. In the craft villages are: blacksmith shop, where you can chat with mint coins, pottery workshop, where do a clay pot, lozopletelschik that weave a basket, and also has a leather workshop, where you will make a souvenir of the skin.

If you are too lazy to walk on foot, to the stable yard, you can order a ride in a carriage. I wish you a good walk.

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