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Is treatable asthma

Curable if asthma

Asthma is a common chronic disease that requires attention and continuous monitoring because of the high probability of occurrence of various complications.

The disease can not be completely curable, but with the creation of certain conditions the disease can become almost invisible and do not cause any discomfort.

Causes of Asthma

The cause of asthma is a contact with a specificallergen. The emergence of suffocation can contribute to house dust mites, dust, animal dander and tobacco smoke. Asthma can be triggered by the cold playing sports, infection or the presence of parasites in the lungs. Substances secreted as a means to protect the lung membrane from the harmful effects of inlet air are called histamines, which reduces membrane insight, causing bronchial spasm and swelling, stimulates the secretion of mucus.

The number of people falling ill with asthma, is increasing every year.

The most common asthma occurs in childhood. The four-times higher risk of developing the disease in children whose parents smoke in the presence of a child. Another factor is heredity, excluding recovery. There is also a risk of developing the disease in poor living conditions and heavily polluted city.

Removal of asthma symptoms

The disease is not treatable andToday there is no effective therapy to get rid of the disease. However, it is possible to eliminate the symptoms, getting rid of the allergen that causes asthma attacks, or infections affecting the lungs. In some people, asthma occurs because of stress.

Creating psychological comfort in the treatment of asthma is important for both children and adults.

Along with getting rid of the allergen must beuse prescription drugs designed to block the release of substances in the body that hamper a person's breath. For this purpose, bronchodilators and hormonal preparations, relieving bronchospasm and give relief to the next attack lack of oxygen. These drugs are not able to cure, and therefore asthma patients regularly have to purchase these drugs in case of relapse.
Improper treatment and ignoring advicedoctor asthma may progress to a more serious stage. Prescribers are aimed at getting rid of the symptoms with minimal damage to the lung tissue.

Medications can relieve symptoms until the next contact with the allergen, causing a seizure.

Criticism applied therapies

In modern medicine, is widely criticizedused method of treatment of the disease. Some researchers argue that the elimination of bronchospasm hormonal steroids leads to increased stress on the lungs and the further damage that does not give the opportunity to be treated. Anyway, today there is no alternative therapy can completely eliminate the possibility of repeated asthma attack and recover completely.

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