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Is there transparency mobiles

Are there clear mobile phones

Transparent phones have not yet entered the market of mobile devices, but are considered to be the future of gadgets on the right.

Despite the popularity of her ideas and supportdevelopment of almost every modern large-scale manufacturer of mobile phones, these devices are still not available on public sale because of severe technical implementation.


The first clear concept phone has been releasedby Polytron, which is located in Taiwan. Before the presentation of the development company had a special popularity, but the company has been able to distinguish themselves and to enter the market of modern machines with their own idea.
Phone Transparency is achieved byimplementing special Switchable Glass technology with the OLED, built on the basis of nano-components responsible for the transmission of images on the display. The device is fully touch. While the phone is locked, the molecules rearrange to form a matte effect. Due to the realized approach, the company manages to achieve the possibility of using bilateral touchscreen. The components that transmit the image on the screen, are invisible to the human eye. However, the phone is not completely transparent - at the bottom of the gadget is a board connector for flash drives, earpiece. At the top of the camera is located and speaker for audio playback.

The price of the device from the Taiwanese company could reach $ 1,000 per copy.


One of the first developments on the basis of technologyclear glass began apparatus Lenovo Glass Phone. The device is not a full touchscreen, and the lower part of it is still closed plastic casing and keyboard. However, according to the developers of the device will have a touch screen, two active SIM cards and have a built-in viewfinder with a matrix of 1.3 megapixels.

Most modern phones transparent and remain concepts, despite the attempts of manufacturers.

Unlike most other devices, LGGD900 Glass Phone was still released. However, it was not entirely clear as glass in a part of the keyboard is a mobile phone. The device was released in the form-factor "slider" and has a 3-inch touch screen, as well as proprietary S-Class interface for Android.
The company Samsung, which has several timesannounced about the active development of a fully transparent device is still not launched a full glass gadget into mass production. Corporation managed only patented technology transparent double-sided touch screen. Finnish manufacturer Nokia has announced the development of two transparent phone models, one of which must receive not only a transparent screen, but also the ability to change the curve of the body. But to date, none of the pans of the Finnish company still has not been implemented.

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