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Is there meat in dry food for dogs and cats?


Is there meat in dry food for dogs and cats?</a>

The first dry pet food appeared in 1860.

Since the end of the last century, when the owners of dogs andCats fully appreciated the convenience of their use, they have become an indispensable component of the diet of pets. Producers promise for relatively little money to provide your pets with a full and balanced diet that contains everything they need for their health.

But how true is this?

What is included in the dry food for cats and dogs

Meat to feed the dog
The composition of the very first "dog biscuits"Included beef blood, vegetables and cereals. And although they have been on the market for more than 150 years, the main ingredients remain the same - cheap vegetables, grains and offal. And this recipe for dry pet food really does not take into account their desires and, to a greater extent, the desires of the producers and owners of animals.
The choice of components is due to the availability andA large number of wastes of meat production, flour-grinding and grain-processing industry, missing vegetables. They are less than natural meat, suitable for feeding dogs and cats, but the technology of making food from them is quite simple, they are stored for a long time and their production does not require large material costs.
Often, the owners forget that not everything thatUseful to them, to the same extent useful to their pets. If you take into account food preferences for which the digestive system of cats and dogs is calculated, the meat component in them should occupy not less than 80% of the total volume. Fish, vegetable fats, dairy products, cereals and vegetables in the natural diet are included only as additives, and their quantity should not exceed 20%. Therefore, the predominant amount of cereals and vegetables in the dry food for animals is not a plus.

In a quality feed, vegetables and fruits should be present in greater quantities than cereals.

Natural meat, which should be in the cat's or dog's menu, does not compensate for dry food, the missing meat is replaced, most often, food industry waste, cheap fats and bone meal.

How to choose food with maximum meat content

How to feed a dog and how
On the package, the list of ingredients is always given inThe order of decrease in their mass, the percentage of producers do not indicate. Learn to correctly determine the amount of meat component in the feed given that producers can divide the same kind of ingredient into components and list them several times.

Do not buy food, which simply lists "meat", "animal" or "bird". Cereals in the stern should be represented by high-quality whole grain.

For example, beef meat, offal andBeef meal - meat ingredients. White and brown rice, crushed rice grains, rice bran, gluten rice and rice flour is a grain ingredient. Producer in the first place will supply beef meat, from which after evaporation there will be a tenth part, beef flour, and then will include products - rice derivatives. If you combine them as one meat and grain ingredient, it turns out that there is almost no meat in such food.

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