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Is there any meat in the dry food for dogs and cats

Is there meat in dry pet food for dogs and cats

The first dry pet food appeared in 1860.

Since the end of the last century, when the owners of dogs andcats fully appreciated the convenience of their use, they have become a necessary component of the diet of pets. Producers promise a relatively small amount of money to provide your pets complete and balanced diet, containing everything necessary for their health.

But here's how it really is?

What are the ingredients of dry food for cats and dogs

meat to feed the dog
The composition of the very first "dog biscuits"included beef blood, vegetables and cereals. Although since their appearance on the market has been more than 150 years, the basic ingredients are all the same - cheap vegetables, grains and by-products. And this recipe for dry pet foods are actually less likely takes into account their wishes, and to a greater extent - the desire of producers and owners of the animals.
Selection of components due to the availability anda lot of waste of meat production, milling and grain processing industry, the missing vegetables. They are less than the natural meat, suitable for feeding to dogs and cats, but feed manufacturing technology are quite simple, they are stored for a long time and their production requires high material costs.
Often the owners forget that not all thatuseful to them, as much helpful and their pets. If to take into account food preferences, which are designed digestive system of cats and dogs, meat component in them should occupy not less than 80% of the total. Fish, vegetable fats, dairy products, cereals and vegetables in the diet contains only natural as additives and their amount should not exceed 20%. Therefore, preponderance of grains and vegetables as part of a dry pet food is not a plus.

In qualitative feed vegetables and fruits should be present in greater numbers than cereals.

Natural meat, which should be a cat or a dog menu, dry food does not compensate for missing in it the meat is replaced, often, waste food, cheap fats and bone meal.

How to choose the food with the highest content of meat

how to feed the dog and the
On the package list of ingredients is always given indescending order of weight, the percentage of producers do not indicate. Learn how to determine the amount of meat in the food component, given that producers can share the same kind of ingredient components and list them on several occasions.

Do not buy food, as part of which states simply "meat", "animal" or "bird". Cereal in the diet must be submitted to a high-quality whole grains.

For example, beef meat, offal andbeef meal - meat ingredients. White and brown rice, crushed rice grains, rice bran, rice gluten and rice flour is a grain ingredient. Manufacturer in the first place put the beef, which after evaporation shall be a tenth, beef meal, and then turn the product - rice derivatives. If you add them as a meat and grain ingredient happen that the meat in such a stern almost there.

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