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Is there an early menopause?


Early menopause</a> It happens, and its offensive can be associated with many factors. In particular, stress, brain trauma, heredity, gynecological problems and others.



On the average, the onset of menopause - menopause -Marks the 49-51 year of life, but it happens that the reserve of ovaries is depleted much earlier - in 40-45 years. In this case, we must talk about the early menopause, which can shake the woman's mental balance and lead to prolonged depression. What is the reason for this phenomenon and is it possible to delay the appointed hour?


The mechanism of early menopause is no different fromMechanism of menopause that has come on time. If your monthly stopped walking "like a clock," and the results of a blood test showed an increase in the level of follicle-stimulating and luteinizing hormones, then we can safely talk about the attenuation of ovarian function, accompanied by a decrease in the level of estrogens and progesterones and, accordingly, the ability to conceive.


The early menopause occurs in those women, relativesWho faced with similar problems, especially for mothers and aunts. It also happens that a small number of eggs is laid in the body of a child of the feminine kind in the womb of the mother. Then in 33-38 years, a young woman may face a syndrome of ovarian malnutrition, which should not be confused with early menopause, yet there is a significant difference between these phenomena. If you want, you can go to the hospital for an appropriate examination and find out your approximate remaining egg reserve. On the reproductive function of women affects everything: stress, dissatisfaction with motherhood and marriage, as well as severe injuries, especially the brain.


It's sad, but the fact is - the early climax overtakesChildless. The situation may worsen with multiple abortions and concomitant gynecological diseases. But the opposite situation, when a woman had many pregnancies and births, can lead to early menopause. The earlier you started menstruation, the sooner it will end. This connection with premature puberty is quite natural.


Your nutrition also affects reproductiveFunction. If you abuse hard diets and knowingly refuse certain types of foods, your body may lose metabolism, which will lead to hormonal failure and, as a consequence, early menopause. That is why women who consume soya and foods rich in phytoestrogens, for a long time retain the ability to menstruate.


The early climax is affected by women, leadingpassive lifestyle. If you continue to do fitness, pilates, aerobics and dancing, especially belly dancing, at 40, it will be a good prevention of early menopause. There is a connection between the tumor of the uterus and the premature climax, but here everything will depend on the further prognosis.

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