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Is there damage

Is there damage

Many people fall into a situation where everything that happens is almost impossible to explain to a reasonable point of view.

Band of trouble and failure is so broad that even the most hardened skeptics to mind involuntarily comes to mind about the damage or the evil eye.

Corruption and the evil eye

The existence of different energy and bioofficially proved by scientists, although the set of phenomena and laws of modern science also can not explain. One of these things is the unexplained corruption as a way of negative impact on the human aura bioenergy. Since ancient times, people believed that the supernatural influence on the lives of others may, and such an effect may not always be the result of conscious actions.
This, incidentally, is the main differencebetween corruption and the evil eye. If the evil eye is most often accidental, the damage - this is a deliberate attempt to influence the negative. In principle, the nature of the effect of both actions is roughly the same, but in the case of corruption, he will be much stronger. And if as a result of the evil eye can be a nightmare or a failure occur on the job, after the qualitative overlay damage a person is likely to get any real problems with health and well-being.
Naturally, the belief that corruption canexist, the stronger, the less a person is prone to analytical thinking. That is why the existence of supernatural forces most believe the uneducated people, and the main hunting for witches was carried out in the Middle Ages, when the strange phenomenon of the easiest way to explain magic.

Suspecting evil eye or damage, do not rush to the magicians,which surely convince you the reality of the curse. Try to analyze their actions and the events, you may find a rational explanation.

To believe or not to believe?

In order to prove or disprovethe existence of damage from a scientific point of view, it is necessary to establish an unambiguous causal link between the actions to impose damage and result in the form of trouble and failure. But in reality, such experiments are not carried out, so people still believe in the possibility of either a curse or evil eye, or not to believe and explain the health problems and difficulties in life more reasonable causes, such as coincidence.

At all times it was believed that the most vulnerable todamage to people - it is pregnant women and newborns. However, it is likely that in fact, the reason is weakened or has not got stronger immune system.

Not the last role is played and Psychosomatics, andthe tendency of some people to adjust the conditions for pre-known answer. If a person truly believes in the possibility of imposing damage is likely, his troubles, he will explain just that. Particularly well this mechanism is working with impressionable and receptive people, which is enough circumstantial evidence to conclude that their curse. Further into the act psychosomatic reactions: the belief that people, on which is superimposed damage, should get into trouble and hurt, makes the human body react to the most expected way, that is, deterioration of health. Skeptics, as a rule, are not afraid of damage, so they are much better tolerated "supernatural" effects.

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