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Is there a difference between the Epiphany and the Epiphany holy water

Is there a difference between the Epiphany and the Epiphany holy water

There are many superstitions associated with Christian traditions and customs, many of which are firmly fixed in the minds of the people.

To those superstitions include the idea that the consecrated baptismal water is different from the Epiphany.

Great vodoosvyatie performed twice a year: on the feast of the Baptism of Jesus Christ (19th of January), as well as in the Epiphany Eve (18th of January). Some people mistakenly believe that the water sanctified these days, it is different in its properties.

Epiphany water is called the water thatconsecrated in Epiphany Eve. Some people may call this water differently - sochelnikovskoy. Directly on the Epiphany is sanctified for so-called Epiphany water. It should be noted that among the people there is no clear naming of water is sanctified in the Epiphany and Christmas Eve. Some refer to the blessed water on Christmas Eve Epiphany, other sochelnikovskoy. Sometimes also called the baptismal water, which is consecrated to the feast of the Baptism of Jesus Christ. In this case water, sanctified by Christmas Eve, and this is the title - sochelnikovskoy. It should be noted that in such superstition is not so much important etymology, but the fact that the water from two vodoosvyaty different, and therefore it should be used in different ways, because the water has different qualities of grace.

Some Orthodox Christians believe thatwater, sanctified in the Epiphany Eve, only used for sprinkling of houses, gardens, any things. That is, the water is, according to them is used "on the outside". Water well with Epiphany taken exclusively inside.

This idea of ​​the holy water has nothingin common with the Christian liturgical tradition. It is impossible to separate the water Epiphany and the Epiphany to the extent that the rite is performed vodoosvyatiya one. All the prayers and petitions of the priest during vodoosvyatiya identical. Water, sanctified in the Epiphany Eve, nothing in their properties different from water, sanctifies for the holiday itself.

It turns out that two-digital vodoosvyatie great difference is not due to the properties of water is sanctified, and the usual indication bogoslzhebnogo statute.

Some visible difference in the water thaton Christmas Eve blessed smaller capacity. It advocates superstition make erroneous conclusions about what sochelnikovskaya need water less power at this shrine is also smaller. Epiphany water sanctified as much. This is supposedly due to the fact that it is more "holy". In fact, in the Epiphany Eve sanctified less water to the faithful were able to dismantle it all before Epiphany, because at the very celebration will also take place vodoosvyatie for which you want to completely release the vessel.

Thus, the difference between the Epiphany(Sochelnikovskoy) water and Epiphany does not exist. All the water sanctified by the rank of the great vodoosvyatiya is holy Holy water in Eastern Christianity, and has the same properties and grace "strength".

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