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Do hydrocephalus TREATED

whether hydrocephalus is treated

hydrocephalus (hydrocephalus) - abnormality occurring due to accumulation of excessive amounts of liquid in the space between the meninges.

It is widely believed that the cerebral edema is incurable, and doctors can only alleviate its symptoms.

Is it so?

What consequences can lead the cerebral edema

Typically, the amount of accumulation of excessfluid between the meninges occurs after certain infectious diseases (e.g. meningitis), but also due to head trauma, or undergoing vascular diseases feeding the brain. Sometimes a hydrocele is congenital.
Hydrocephalus may involve a breachreflexes, deterioration of motor coordination, gait, muscle tone weakening. Also, quite often in people suffering from cerebral edema, problems with vision. In some (thankfully rare) cases, the business can reach up to complete blindness. Often there is numbness of the hands or feet, numbness up to half of the body.
Brain Edema manifested symptoms characteristic of increased intracranial pressure: headache, nausea, sometimes - bouts of vomiting.
With a strong degree of hydrocephalus may be swelling of the brain, as well as mental disorders. Such a patient should receive skilled help of a psychiatrist.

How to treat hydrocephalus

Treatment of brain hydrocephalus can be eithermedication and surgery. In the first case, the patient prescription drugs, have anti-inflammatory and degitratatsionnym action, as well as soothing and restorative physiotherapy (eg, conifer-salt bath). Practice shows that the most successfully treated hydrocephalus in older children.
If the patient has a mental disorder, he, along with the aforementioned procedures prescribed psychotropic drugs. Treatment should be under the constant supervision of a doctor!
If drug therapy isineffective, it is necessary to resort to surgery. Before the operation, it is necessary to take into account the general condition of the patient and the severity of hydrocephalus.
Medical treatment can save the patient from the hassles associated with symptoms of hydrocephalus, softening its symptoms. However, to fully cure the dropsy of the brain, doctors have not yet learned.
Get rid of dropsy by using folk remediesimpossible, though it is possible to mitigate the symptoms. To do this, use an infusion of flaxseed or adonis spring. You can also prepare a decoction of parsley, bay its not boiling water and unpasteurized milk.

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