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Is the end of the world is possible for one nation

Approximate end of the world

End of the world, the Apocalypse, Armageddon, Ragnarok - among many peoples there are myths about the end of the world, when the darkness will swallow the earth and the righteous will rise or, or just be nothing.

And then, according to Indian ideas, will begin a new stage of development of the universe.

People have developed many versions of how canend life on the planet Earth. Among them is quite scientific and quite fantastic. For example, it may cause a nuclear war or global pandemic virus that is resistant to antibiotics. Possible that the overpopulation of the Earth will face the problem of hunger. Or will it be an environmental disaster, or sudden climate change as a result of the poles to change places. In any such scenario, the world comes to an end, but if the local end of the world is possible?

Civilization, which is no longer

It is impossible to imagine a shift of Earth's polesjust for one nation or a nuclear war on a local scale. Therefore, we can only talk about a certain similarity of the end of the world if it comes to a single nation or nationality. And such examples in the history of a lot. And sometimes the disappearance of an entire civilization occurred under very strange circumstances:

Over the history of mankind have been dozens of great civilizations, of which little remains today.

Mayan. This once powerful empire and still amazes archaeologists various monuments testifying to the high development of the Indians. However, around the year 900 AD, it began to decline. Over time, of a great nation were crumbs scattered in small villages. It is unclear why this happened. Until now, there is only a hypothesis of climate change or civil wars.
India, or harrapskaya civilization. More than 3 thousand years ago has disappeared this great nation, is about 10 percent of all people of the earth at the time of its peak. Among the most reliable versions of decline - of climate change.
Polynesian civilization on Easter Island. The monumental figures from the stone - all that remained of the once-prosperous civilization. Perhaps they simply run out of natural resources, and moved to another location.
Gobekli Tepe - a civilization that about 12 thousand years. It flourished in the south of Turkey, but also disappeared for unknown reasons.
Nia. This civilization had once (or rather 1,600 years ago) flourished in what is now is the Taklimakan Desert, in the western part of China. Archaeologists have discovered evidence of development of a lot of people, but they have not been able to understand why the civilization disappeared.

End of the World - pattern

There are many doomsday predictions,various scenarios of how the human race will cease to exist. Some are more optimistic, while others threaten to change for the worse in the near future.

Sooner or later the end of the world is still going to happen, how would people may want to avoid it.

You can have different attitudes to psychics,fortune tellers, a scientist, but there is one simple fact - the end of the world is inevitable. However, it will happen a very long time, even the optimists do not dare to make conclusions about the amount of time required. Of course, this theory is, like many others, is disputed by scholars. However, it is among the "end of the world" - this is the inevitable.

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