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Do Scorpio SUITABLE Cancer

Scorpio will seek Cancer Love

Marriage between Scorpio and Cancer, has all chances to be happy and long.

Among these pairs are practically no divorce. But more often Scorpio lives much longer her husband.

It is hard going through the loss of a partner for a long time could not find a new life partner.

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Scorpio literally falls in love at first sightCancer. If the second is not currently available, Scorpio is ready to wait years for his beloved. Cancer strikes him with his spontaneity. This Scorpio even discouraged behavior lover, but it was even more mesmerizing. Once the cancer becomes free from past relationships, Scorpio immediately begins to win his heart. He did not suffer a loss, will seek a marriage in every way.
Both signs tend to stability and peace in the family. Even with a fairly complex nature, they manage to find a compromise and put out the differences in the bud. Scorpio is renowned for his zeal, but for a partner willing to rein in its character. Marriage often built on patience Cancer, he understands how to calm disposition partner. Cancer is able to create the home atmosphere of warmth and comfort that loves Scorpio.
Both signs are loyal to their goals, which often haveare familial. They know for sure that joint efforts will overcome all obstacles. Therefore, always support each other, no matter what. This pair is indeed achieves better results. Surrounding find their ideal partners.

Woman - Scorpio and man - Cancer

The relationship kept at the patience of his wife. Often prone to depressive states of the husband does not cause negative emotions in it. Woman tries to understand the spouse and help him get out. She always knows how to cheer a loved one, as it is very thin feels it. A woman can even replace a mother to Cancer, and the man feels all her care and concern.

Scorpios like to keep their husbands in the "hothouse" conditions.

The man - Scorpio woman - Cancer

Man endeavor to ensure all your familynecessary. It may work for days, if he knows that it will bring a great income. So home he needs a reliable, patient wife. But he appreciates not only delicious dinners and ironing shirt. To keep Scorpius beside her, the woman must constantly striking his imagination. This zodiac sign is very sexy and looking for himself just such a wife. Therefore, a female Cancer have to be clever in sexual terms. For example, to increase the seductiveness help agate stone, which set off the look and make it more profound and weary.

Seduce a woman help her husband: beautiful clothes and various aphrodisiacs.

Male Scorpio loves when his wife is jealous. He considers such emotional scenes proof of love. Do not be surprised if the man will deliberately provoke you to jealousy. Accompany him better, knowing that as you strengthen your relationship.

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