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Is it true that the universe is infinite

Is it true that the universe is infinite

When looking at the night sky is hard to imagine,how huge and vast expanses hiding behind twinkling stars. Since ancient times people have asked yourself the question: Is the universe infinite or is the border?

Post a final and definite answer can probably only future scientists.

The infinity of the universe as a scientific problem

In everyday life, a person oftenWe have to deal with finite quantities. Therefore, visualize the unlimited infinity can be very difficult. This concept is shrouded in an aura of mystery and strangeness, which is mixed awe of the universe, the boundaries of which it is practically impossible to determine.
The spatial infinity of the world belongs tothe most complex and controversial scientific issues. Ancient philosophers and astronomers have tried to resolve this issue through the most simple logical constructions. For it was enough to admit that it is possible to achieve the intended edge of the universe. But if at that moment to pull his hand, the boundary is moved for some distance. This operation can be repeated numerous times, which proves the infinity of the universe.
The infinity of the universe is difficult to imagine,but equally difficult to imagine how would look limited world. Even those who are not very advanced in the study of cosmology, in this case, a natural question arises: what is abroad universe? However, such reasoning, built on common sense and everyday experience, can not serve as a solid basis for rigorous scientific conclusions.

Modern ideas about the infinity of the universe

Modern scientists, exploring multiplecosmological paradoxes have come to the conclusion that the existence of a finite universe, in principle, contrary to the laws of physics. The world outside the planet Earth, apparently, has no limits either in space or in time. In this sense, infinity suggests that neither the number of prisoners in the universe of matter, or its geometric dimensions can not express even the largest number ( "Evolution of the Universe", ID Novikov, 1983).
Even if we take into account the hypothesis thatUniverse about 14 billion years ago, was formed as a result of the so-called Big Bang, this may well mean only that in those very remote times the world has passed through the next stage of a legitimate transformation. In general, the infinite universe has never appeared during the initial push or unexplained development of the intangible object. The assumption of an infinite universe puts an end to the hypothesis of God's creation of the world.
In 2014, American astronomers have publishedthe results of the most recent studies that support the hypothesis of the existence of an infinite, flat universe. With high accuracy, they measured the distance between galaxies, located at a distance of a few billion light-years apart. It turned out that these colossal size space star clusters arranged in a circle having a constant radius. Built by researchers cosmological model indirectly proves that the universe is infinite in space and in time.

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